Law Class Visits History in Philadelphia

By Nicole Gelfman ‘18 Criminal law classes got the opportunity to see the National Constitution in Philadelphia on May 17, providing new insight for students interested in the fundamentals of how our country works.   31 students attended the trip along with four chaperones on a coach bus at no expense. When students first arrived to the National Constitution Center, they went to see a … Continue reading Law Class Visits History in Philadelphia

Patterns Gives Students Creative Outlet

By Sarah Cen ‘18 and Lauren Heng ‘18 As a way to showcase the creativity of students, Patterns has made a return in its yearly magazine publication. Patterns is Midwood’s literary journal that enables students to express their creativity through writing and artwork. The magazine presents different types of original writing, such as poetry, and short stories, accompanied by visuals, such as photography, illustrations, and … Continue reading Patterns Gives Students Creative Outlet

New Mural Brightens Flatbush Area

By Damali Ramirez ‘18 Groundswell, a non-profit art organization, will unveil a new mural on Flatbush Ave towards the end of June. The mural will be completed in the second week of June, and it hopes to capture the diversity of the junction. Lead artist, Chris Soria, and assistant artist, Alexis Mena guide the volunteers while working on the project and expand their artistic horizons. … Continue reading New Mural Brightens Flatbush Area

Debate Team First in City

By Yusha Rahique ‘18         With the closing of yet another successful debate season, the team gathered at the Citi foundation in Manhattan to celebrate their accomplishments. Even in the stages of its fledgling second year, the team won first place in the city and consistently had members place in the top ten. “The team teaches you to be independent, it teaches you to do research … Continue reading Debate Team First in City

Student Gov’t Officers Elected

By Amanda McBain ‘18 & Jasmine Thelusma ‘18 Voters gathered in the lobby on June 7 to cast their vote for the next student government leaders. Students in grades 9 through 12 voted for their respective president and vice president, as well as mayor and comptroller. “The student government is the main organization responsible for assessing the needs of students, improving transparency between the administration … Continue reading Student Gov’t Officers Elected

Guest Speaker Brings Fourteenth Amendment To Life

The honorable Margaret Go, a magistrate judge, and Alec Ostrow, a bankruptcy lawyer, visited Stuart Rothstein’s criminal law classes. May 1 is considered to be “Law Day,” and every year, there is a new theme. This year’s theme was the Fourteenth Amendment, which addresses natural citizenship and equal protection for all people, meaning that states cannot discriminate against certain types of citizens. The honorable Go … Continue reading Guest Speaker Brings Fourteenth Amendment To Life

Early Release of SAT Scores Causes Concerns

A lot of students were puzzled on May 3 when the April SAT test scores were accidentally released. The results were up in the morning, but by the afternoon they had completely vanished. This left many students in a state of confusion and anger. Jessie Liu ‘18 said, “I felt betrayed and confused because I thought it was my SAT score and I didn’t know … Continue reading Early Release of SAT Scores Causes Concerns

AP Environmental Projects Expand Knowledge

With AP examinations over, the Environmental course is taking a step towards an annual end-of-the-year project which was implemented by Ms. Kimberly Lau. The AP Environmental course students will have to make a presentation about the topic they had chosen and will have to present it in class for both a final grade from Ms. Lau and from their fellow classmates. Topics include polar bears, … Continue reading AP Environmental Projects Expand Knowledge

Wind Ensemble Blows Audience Away

By Kortni Chung ’18 In the interest of full disclosure Kortni Chung is a member of the wind ensemble.                 A Night on Broadway featured the wind ensemble on Thursday night, April 27, and Friday night, April 28. The band volunteered their time to be there to support the vocalists and dancers through excerpts of the play.                 “In some ways it’s a lot more challenging to play with live music because there are … Continue reading Wind Ensemble Blows Audience Away