Robotics Team Wins Qualifying Match

By Kaitlyn Brathwaite ‘18 The Rolling Drones robotics team won a qualifying match on February 19, 2017 at The Dalton School. They worked hard towards the week of the competition after their previous performance did not advance them to the next round of the Regionals Robotics Competition. The other two teams, Pink Droyd and Bötley Crüe, already qualified for the regionals. “Last competition we didn’t … Continue reading Robotics Team Wins Qualifying Match

NYCSEF Showcases Young Scientists

By Jonathan Krimgold ’18 and  Klyve Morisseau ’18 Students across New York City schools, private and public, were able to showcase their creativity and intelligence through their experiments in the yearly New York City science and engineering fair’s preliminary round (NYCSEF), which was under way on Sunday, March 5 in City College. “This fair ultimately isn’t about winning. It’s that you know what your talking … Continue reading NYCSEF Showcases Young Scientists

D.O.E. Offers Free SAT

By Sarah Cen ‘18 and Stella Ni ‘18 As the college-planning phase begins for juniors, they have to start thinking about enhancing their GPAs, getting teachers’ recommendation letters, and taking college admission exams such as the SAT and ACT. For the first time, the free SAT will be administered by the city on April 5 for juniors. April 5 is a citywide SAT day, similar … Continue reading D.O.E. Offers Free SAT

UNICEF Video Celebrates Student Diversity

By Ashley Masih ‘18 & Abiha Naqvi ‘18          Unicef created an uplifting video with Film Club to celebrate diversity in the school.            The filming took place in room 313 after school. Unicef was striving to portray themes of individuality and self- empowerment. They wanted to show how Midwood encompasses a variety of students with different characteristics. Savlatjon Rahmatulloev ‘18, president of Unicef club said, “Diversity … Continue reading UNICEF Video Celebrates Student Diversity

Hornets Play Jazz at Lincoln Center

By: Kortni Chung ‘18             Taking their studies to the next level, the Jazz Ensemble played off against other jazz bands at Lincoln Center on March 11. Jazz Ensemble started out as a small club that met every Thursday after tenth period, for students who were interested in jazz music, and play percussion, bass guitar, a brass instrument, or saxophone. Conducted by Ms. Melissa Williams, … Continue reading Hornets Play Jazz at Lincoln Center

Rapport Magazine Reflects Midwood Diversity

By Xin Lin ‘18 Over 40 world languages are spoken by students and staff of Midwood – making it a uniquely diverse and multicultural community. As a way to celebrate the school’s cultural richness, the World Languages and ENL (English as a New Language) Department has introduced Rapport Magazine. “Rapport Magazine is an excellent way to learn about other cultures,” said Ms. Maria Feehan, faculty … Continue reading Rapport Magazine Reflects Midwood Diversity

Choices For Trump’s Cabinet Appointees Raise Concerns

By Xin Lin ’18 If you’ve ever wondered how to be appointed a position in Donald Trump’s cabinet, the requirements include being white, male, wealthy, and friends with Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin. In an effort to “drain the swamp”, Trump has established his administration with gazillionaires whom may face potential conflict of interests if approved.  Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly claimed he would … Continue reading Choices For Trump’s Cabinet Appointees Raise Concerns

Myths Multiply for Common Cold Cures

By Emily Jiang ‘18 Getting sick is an awful experience. On the internet there are certain myths and remedies about the common cold. Many parents force their children to wear several layers of clothes as a way to avoid the common cold. It is also said that sleeping with wet hair makes you sick. It is a common misconception that people get sick because of … Continue reading Myths Multiply for Common Cold Cures

Midwood Welcomes New Additions to Staff (Math Department)

By Zunaira Bibi ’18  Mr. Matthew Fazio didn’t set out to be a teacher from the very start. In fact, he sampled a variety of fields before he finally decided on a career in teaching.  “When I was in high school, I wanted to be a baseball player, and then I worked in electrical engineering before becoming a teacher. I wanted to do something more … Continue reading Midwood Welcomes New Additions to Staff (Math Department)

New Website Brings Change

By Edvina Robinson ‘18 and Evelyn Perez ‘18 As the school’s website underwent redesign this fall because the website’s host was moved, Ms. Melissa Pentangelo became the school’s new website designer/updater. According to Ms. Pentangelo, the school website was recreated because “the host [eChalk] was moved to a new server.” The purpose of the website’s new layout is for it to be more accurate, accessible, … Continue reading New Website Brings Change