NYCSEF Showcases Young Scientists

By Jonathan Krimgold ’18 and  Klyve Morisseau ’18 Students across New York City schools, private and public, were able to showcase their creativity and intelligence through their experiments in the yearly New York City science and engineering fair’s preliminary round (NYCSEF), which was under way on Sunday, March 5 in City College. “This fair ultimately isn’t about winning. It’s that you know what your talking … Continue reading NYCSEF Showcases Young Scientists

Electives Spark Interest Among Hornets

By Jonathan Krimgold ‘18, Ari Gonzalez ‘18 With a new semester approaching, students are urged to choose new electives based on their interests for the start of the spring term of 2017. Students can choose among a variety of science, social studies, English and art electives. Some science electives students can take include forensics, robotics, mechatronics, AutoCAD, medical issues, psychobiology, and anatomy. Ms. Alyse Anderson … Continue reading Electives Spark Interest Among Hornets

Macs Available in Computer Labs

By Jonathan Krimgold ’18 Out with the old PCs which barely worked and in with the new Macs which arrived in August to rooms 345, 480, and 483, funded by the City Council digressionary funds. “Newer, faster, cleaner, wireless, and even prettier,” said Dr. Ernest Pysher when describing the new computer labs. Students who take A.P computer science, video production and graphic design use these … Continue reading Macs Available in Computer Labs