Student- Athlete Earns Prestigious Scholarship

By Yumna Ahmed Qazi ’17 Through her success in and out of the classroom, Abeer Naeem ’17 got the gold by becoming New York One’s Scholar Athlete of the Week. According to, the scholarship is awarded to high school students who excel in both athletics and academics and are able to balance both roles on a daily basis. The criteria to be nominated includes … Continue reading Student- Athlete Earns Prestigious Scholarship

Hornets Come Out on Top at NYSEF

By Yumna Ahmed Qazi ’17 Out of 130 finalists, seven students from Midwood made the NYCSEF finals and showcased their projects at the Museum of Natural History. The finalists are Mahmoud Abouelkheir ’17, Allan Nosov ’17, Nomon Mohammad ’17, Lilin Liu ’17, Vivian Luu ’17, Minna Zeldin ’17, and Amna Aslam ’17. According to, NYCSEF, also called the New York City Science and Engineering … Continue reading Hornets Come Out on Top at NYSEF

Cheerleading Squad Searches for New Members

By Yumna Ahmed Qazi ‘17 and Kaelah Blanchette ‘17 T-R-Y-O-U-T-S! Cheer on with the cheerleading squad, who are looking for girls who are interested in joining so they can boost morale and school spirit during games. With football season at its peak and varsity basketball season on its way in December, the cheerleading squad wants to find students who are willing to put their all … Continue reading Cheerleading Squad Searches for New Members

Midwood Celebrates 75th Anniversary

By Yumna Ahmed Qazi ‘17 Happy Birthday Midwood! Midwood celebrated its 75 anniversary by partaking in a Blast from the Past jubilee, inviting any alumni who has attended the school from its opening in 1941. Ellen Sammeth Brotman graduated from Midwood in 1955 and expressed her love for the school and her enthusiasm for coming back. “I loved Midwood. I was involved in SING and … Continue reading Midwood Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Captain America: Civil War Impresses

By Yumna Ahmed ’17  Opinions clash in a full blown battle between the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. Released on May 6, Captain America: Civil War focuses on a disagreement between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) that leads to the Avengers taking sides and fighting amongst themselves. After the events in Avengers: Age of Ultron, people begin to realize … Continue reading Captain America: Civil War Impresses

Sophomore Researchers Take Spotlight

By Kaelah Blanchette ’17 and Yumna Ahmed ’17 From projects on honey and bees to acid rain and corrosion, the science fair covered a wide range of topics and food. Mr. Glenn Elert coordinates the science fair each year, along with help from Ms. Stacy Goldstein and Ms. Shaniece Mosley. According to Mr. Elert, he has been coordinating the science fair for about eight years, … Continue reading Sophomore Researchers Take Spotlight

Kinokuniya Spreads Japanese Culture

By Yumna Ahmed ’17 Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore, allows people to delve into a culture they might not be familiar with. Overlooking Bryant Park, Kinokuniya has a variety of items that can intrigue visitors. Along with books that are offered in English and Japanese, Kinokuniya has an array of manga, plush animals, stationery, and magazines. According to Kinokuniya’s website, the bookstore was originally created in … Continue reading Kinokuniya Spreads Japanese Culture

The Hornet’s Hive: Where Teachers are Made

By Yumna Ahmed ’17   Determined to help chemistry students be in their element, Ms. Khrisna Alvarez, a new student teacher, is ready for the challenge. As a temporary addition to the science department, Ms. Alvarez focuses on enriching students by offering her help and aiding Ms. Katzoff with chemistry experiments. She was previously a lab instructor at the University of the Philippines and a … Continue reading The Hornet’s Hive: Where Teachers are Made

Kitty Collecting Becomes Popular

By Yumna Ahmed ’17 Neko Atsume, also known as Kitty Collector, has taken many students by storm as they can keep more than one cat as a pet in this increasingly popular game. Originally developed in Japan by Yutaka Takasaki, Neko Atsume consists of luring cats to the player’s virtual yard with a variety of treats and toys and collecting as many cats as possible. … Continue reading Kitty Collecting Becomes Popular

Hornets Spread Breast Cancer Awareness

By Kaelah Blanchette ‘17 and Yumna Ahmed ‘17 “Making Strides against Breast Cancer” was an event students attended when the American Cancer Society held the annual Breast Cancer Walk at Prospect Park in order to show their support for breast cancer awareness on October 18. According to the American Cancer Society website, the Breast Cancer Walk started in 1984, when cancer survivor Margery Gould Rath … Continue reading Hornets Spread Breast Cancer Awareness