Trump’s Plan for Climate Change May Endanger Future Generations

By Lara Schuman ‘18 President-elect Donald Trump said he is going to alter our climate change policies. He wants to make less restrictive policies, not for the benefit of the people, but to benefit his own and other businesses.   Global warming is a huge issue in the world today. It has caused melting glaciers, more droughts, rising sea levels, and extreme weather.  According to … Continue reading Trump’s Plan for Climate Change May Endanger Future Generations

Trump Election Foreshadows Doom for Progressives

By Xin Lin ‘18 Now that Donald Trump is the next president, the idea of immigrating to Canada doesn’t seem that absurd. In a historic election, the American people have decided to elect Trump for president – a win for the “silent majority” but an ordeal for the underrepresented. According to The New York Times, despite Clinton winning the popular vote by a margin of … Continue reading Trump Election Foreshadows Doom for Progressives

Presidential Debate Proves Trump Unfit for Job

By Noman Ahmad ‘17 Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump’s poll numbers have been sliding, and it’s no surprise. Coming in to the first debate, Clinton had led by only 2.1 percent according to RealClearPolitics (RCP). Now, Clinton leads by a healthy 6.2 percent over Trump (48.0 to 41.8), what could’ve possibly changed the direction of the most controversial general election? The first debate … Continue reading Presidential Debate Proves Trump Unfit for Job

Athlete Sparks Questions in Pledge Conflict

By Brianna Lackwood ’17 The traditional music chimes on as we sing and listen attentively. We place our right hand over our hearts to pledge our faith in America. A sense of pride can be felt in the way our voices carry out in monotone, but are you aware of what you’re standing for? Googling the Star-Spangled Banner didn’t get me anything out of the ordinary; however, searching its “forgotten verses” … Continue reading Athlete Sparks Questions in Pledge Conflict

Snowden Deserves Presidential Pardon

By Jenna Palme ‘17 President Obama’s days in office are ending, and in these last few months there is a push for the president to make a big decision; to pardon or not to pardon Edward Snowden. Snowden’s been living under political asylum in Russia for the past three years, and it’s time for him to come home. In the summer of 2013, Snowden went … Continue reading Snowden Deserves Presidential Pardon

Lunch Forms Benefit School Funding

By Joelle Saadeh ’17 One of the largest federally funded education programs for schools helps students who are struggling academically; schools can only receive funds if the economic need is great. Title one funding is Part A of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The economic need is based on the proportion of students who have free or reduced lunch. It is important … Continue reading Lunch Forms Benefit School Funding

The N-word: Term of Endearment or Racial Slur?

By Jessica Charles ’17 An appalling norm has reared its ugly head within the black community. Creeping its way into people’s vocabulary and finding a permanent place to stay, the N-word has managed to become a “normal” word for black people, so much so that some now use it as a way to greet friends. The 1990s triggered the shift, with the use of the … Continue reading The N-word: Term of Endearment or Racial Slur?

Sophomore Runs for Mayor

By Olga Savuk ’17 For the first time in Midwood history, an underclassman is running for mayor. Jacob Kapustin, a sophomore, hopes to emerge victorious in the race for mayor, a position typically open only for incoming seniors. The mayor holds the highest rank in the student government and is a role model for the student body by representing Midwood’s Core Values of honesty, respect … Continue reading Sophomore Runs for Mayor

Clash of the Lightweight

By Richard Kozak ’17 The superhero slugfest that we were all waiting for ensued in the ghettos of Gotham City. After waiting through almost half the movie for this showdown, one could not have been more upset with the overall effort of this film. Batman v Superman was one of the most anticipated superhero films of all time, and its theatrical arrival embodied the disappointment … Continue reading Clash of the Lightweight