Second Floor Remodel Begins

By William Vamvouris ’19 and Abu Butt ’19

The hallways on the second floor have started to look brighter and cleaner with the renovations made over the past few months.

“The plan was to take down everything that was up and give the walls a fresh coat of paint,” said Mr. Alan Stack, the AP of Organization.

Mr. Stack also stated, “The wall painting is done, but as for the pictures on the walls, I left it up to the teachers of Phys Ed. I think it brightens up the hallways, and it now allows the second floor to be as nice and fresh as the rest of the building.”

Mr. Stack said that he doesn’t think that the renovations will be fully complete this year, but he’s hopeful that everything will be fixed by next year.

“We did something similar on the first floor as well, which should be done later this year,” Mr. Stack added.

Ms. Beth Vershleiser, the AP of Social Studies, stated, “For the pictures, the idea was that they were going to shrink all of that and put them in uniform frames. The plaques we have to go through, and we will have to be more selective in what we put up.”

Ms. Vershleiser said that in regards to the renovations in the hallways, she thinks it would be something for students and teachers to look forward to.

Zahra Bajwa ‘19 said, “The second floor is one of the cleanest floors in the school. I think that the renovations being made makes students feel more welcome in the school.”

Juliette Kerzhner ‘20 said, “I think that the hallways on the second floor look very pretty. The renovations are going to make it much more nicer to look at.”

Ms. Jenny Ferrarin, a PE Teacher and Midwood alumni, said: “When the renovations are completed, it’ll be great. I think it’s just a refresher to make the halls more appealing.”

“Putting the pictures back up is the pride of Midwood athletics and the student body,” Ms. Ferrarin said.

Ms. Robin Igla, a Health teacher, stated, “When everything is done, things will look much fresher and much brighter, and I think that it’s ultimately going to be a good thing for the school.”

Ms. Igla said it’s the first time something like this is being done, so that in itself is significant.

“Overall, it’s going to brighten up the second floor.” Ms. Igla stated. “It’s going to help with the pride of the school, and it’s going to help with people feeling the history of Midwood and being proud of it, which other schools that have not been around as long as Midwood can’t say.”

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