Girls Handball Takes Second Place in Championship

By Edward Kim ’19

The girls handball team, led by Mr. Jeff Williams, faced off against Brooklyn Tech High School in the finals for second place.

Initially, in the playoffs, the team did not play in more playoff games due to their record in the regular season, which  propelled them into matches towards the end of the playoffs. This allowed the team to practice and be prepared for their upcoming games.

The girls team was able to blow out their opponents in their first two playoff games against Tottenville and Stuyvesant with a commanding lead of 5-0 in both. The semi-finals was a little more difficult for the team, but they came through with the victory against Bayside, who was undefeated for two years. The Hornets were able to get the win with the score of 3-2 and advance to the finals.

“I was so proud of my teammates. That match was tough but everyone worked hard in practice and on our own time so it was nice to see all the hard work show off against them with the win,” said Aime Chau ’19.

In the final series against Brooklyn Tech, the girls handball team found themselves with their back against the wall with deficits in their doubles match. The score at first was 12-3, and yet they worked through the obstacles and were able to come back and win that game with a score of 21-20. After this match, the other team was able to win 4-1 and take the championship, with Midwood girls handball team taking home second place.

Even though Midwood did not win the championship game this year, the girls are preparing already for the next season.

“First place would’ve been nice, but I’m so proud of what we accomplished all together as a team. We really put in our best and we’re ready to come back next year and take the whole thing. We have Coach Danielle with us now and with her experience as a professional to teach us new things, I’m sure we’ll be ready next year,” said Suki Kuang ’19.

Midwood’s girls handball team has come a long way. Having won PSAL championships in the 2014-2015 school year, the girls have fought hard to be champions again, and this year they’ve came close. It was a great way to end the season, especially for the seniors who won’t be returning for the next season.

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