Cricket Team Enjoys Strengthening Skills

By Azman Chowdhury ‘19 and Cody Liang ‘19

As the season comes to an end, the Midwood cricket team aims to finish with positive spirits and leave behind a memorable  scene.

The team’s goal was to end the season with five wins and seven loses. With that record, they hoped to secure a spot in the playoffs. However, no goals came without the presence of adversities. On April 9th, the team struggled to find their footing against Franklin K.Lane Campus in their first game , falling 80-137. In a close game 2 against Franklin, the team fell short with a 60-64 final score. The matches against Franklin, however, proved that the Cricket team was still determined to accomplish their goals.

“The team is working hard,” said Waleed Sittar ‘19, “Our league is tough, we are against the best teams in the city right now. I understand our early performance wasn’t exactly spectacular, but we’re not giving up.”

Brooklyn International and Lafayette Educational Complex exposed the weaknesses of the team as they played Midwood in their next two games. Over another course of two close games, the team played to the best of their ability. In the end, the Cricket team fell 140-155 to Brooklyn International and 96-128 to Lafayette.

“We may be struggling a bit, but we’re working on our mistakes so they won’t repeat in future games,” Sittar ‘19 said.

After spending time to search and note their mistakes and weaknesses, the team prepared to take on Brooklyn Technical High School in their fifth game. Both teams played on equal footings, with advantages being pushed back and forth. Despite heavy resistance, the team managed to overcome Brooklyn Tech and win with a 96-93 final score.

This victory helped raise the morales of the team significantly. As the team played their sixth and seventh games against Franklin D. Roosevelt High School and Wingate Educational Campus, they remember the important aspect of their games.

“Getting the team on the same page may be hard sometimes, some people don’t know how to speak english well,” said Mohammad Kanoongo ‘18 said.“ We want to communicate well and be on the same page every day, and every game.”

As the team received two more close loses, they shrugged off the weight and beat Brooklyn Technical High School again with a 91-90 score. They then moved on to take two wins off Prospect Heights Campus with a convincing 81-63 in the first game and an amazing 108-78 final score in the second game.

“The team chemistry is getting stronger as the season goes on,” said Kanoongo ‘18. “Not to mention, we have grit and determination.”

The team’s final game was on May 30th against Franklin Delano Roosevelt high school. Midwood lost after scoring 156 runs. A final well put match, the highest scoring game this season.

The 2017-2018 season was their best season yet, with so much effort put into the games, no regret came along with it.


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