Boys Lacrosse Takes Home Championship

By Damali Ramirez ’18

On the edge of their seats, spectators intensely stare at the scoreboard counting down the seconds. 3, 2, 1, the moment has finally arrived! On May 20, 2018, the boys lacrosse team made history against Christopher Columbus High School by taking home the PSAL Division A City Championship after a seven year wait.

The Hornets quickly demonstrated their sharp offensive and defensive skills with Sean Walsh ’18 scoring on the first shot of the game. The Hornets ensured the ball stayed within the attack area, taking advantage of shot opportunities. Midfielder Jordan Brammer ’18 and attacker Ian Kenny ’21 each scored two goals in the quarter, ending the first quarter with a score of 5-1.

However, Columbus gained momentum in the second quarter, aggressively fighting for ground balls and keeping the ball out of their defensive half. The Hornets held only a two point lead, 8-6, after the second quarter.

“Even though they went on a run in the second half, our guys stayed composed and made sure that we secured the lead for the rest of the game,” stated Brammer. “We played with so much aggression and poise, fighting for every ground ball and making some of our best passes all season.”

In the third quarter, tension shifted back and forth as the Hornets desperately tried to keep their two goal lead. A running shot by midfielder Carlos Gomez ’19 brought the score to 11-9, but the two point lead lasted shortly as Columbus soon cut the score to 11-10.

The Hornets maintained a strong defense in the final quarter, constantly body-checking other players. At one point, a Columbus player’s stick broke, proving the Hornets were giving it their all. Goalie Edwin Ramos ’18 showed his best performance during the last quarter, blocking three critical shots in the last minutes of the fourth quarter.   

“There was definitely a lot of pressure throughout the whole game because the score was so close. We were only winning by one in the last minute, so we had to play our hardest to finish the game,” he stated.

As the sound of the final buzzer echoed through the field, the Hornets threw their sticks in the air celebrating their accomplishment. After receiving their medals, they ran to their coach, carrying him as he proudly held the trophy in the air.

“I was very proud of the boys’ performance on Sunday. We got out to a great start and the other team battled back,” said head coach Mr. Zach Alexander. “The boys stuck together and competed on every play. The boys accepted the challenge and kept making tough play after tough play to respond to every adversity, not just in this game but throughout the whole season.”

The Hornets celebrated once again as Walsh won the Most Valuable Player award.

“To win MVP was astonishing and to have my team cheering for me as well as the stands when my name was called to receive it was one of those moments you’ll never forget,” said Walsh. “I couldn’t have done it without my team though, they are like brothers to me, and they all had my back throughout the season, as I had theirs. It’s crazy to think about it, and seeing that trophy reminds me of the fight I put up to earn it.”

Edward Nocella ’19 and David Liu ’19 also scored. Gomez’s shot turned out to be the game-winner.

In the regular season, the Hornets nearly had an undefeated season but lost to Columbus with a score of 4-5. This was their final opportunity to redeem themselves and prove they’re the best in the city.

“It felt amazing to get the victory and I was just so happy for everyone on the team especially the seniors who got to end their high school lacrosse careers on top,” said Mr. Alexander.

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