Boys Handball Aces Opponents

By Willis Wong ’19

The warm winds blew across the field as the Hornets got ready to play their match against Staten Island Tech. After fighting hard to get into the playoffs, the Midwood handball team was ready to play their best.

At Midwood Field on May 15, 2:40 PM, the Hornets warmed up with quick practice matches and volleys.

“The weather report said today had bad weather,” team member Mohammed Hamza ’19 said during warmups. “I’m worried that the strong winds and rain will cut into our game in the later half.”

Although the forecast did predict inclement weather, both of the teams played intensely. However, near the end of the last handball match, fast winds approached the court and dark clouds rolled over the sky. The wind blew the nearby trees’ pollen everywhere.

While most of the players were sneezing and wiping their tearing eyes, they quickly finished up the game and Midwood was given the victory.

“Honestly, we should’ve postponed the game,” member David Ng Wu ’19 recaps briefly. “Basically everyone was having allergic reactions, and the weather was pretty bad anyways.”

On May 18, the Hornets had another game against Bronx Science High School, at their home location.

The singles games went first, starting out with player Timothy Mei ’18, followed up by Eddie Xu ’18.

After the singles were doubles, where two teams of two players would compete against each other. The first doubles round had Wilson Lu ’19 and Lei Bin Li ’18, followed by the second and final round with Oran Chak ’18 and Phillip Cen ’19. Both of these games were wins.

“The second doubles round was really cool,” Ng Wu said. “It ended with a quick kill, which is pretty hard to pull off.”

A kill shot in handball is when the player hits the ball so low that the opponent cannot return the ball after it has hit the wall. Using this technique, the duo of Chak and Cen were able to stand victorious above the Bronx Science players.

As the players were finishing up their last handball match, the Bronx Science coach offered another game, which the Hornets accepted. This game was played by Jared Hwee ’19; however, it was a loss. The Hornets ended their season with an 8-2 score.

“Even if we won the best of five set, we might as well get some extra practice,” player Jian Weng ’19 said. “It always helps to play more games.”

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