Art Club Encourages Creativity

By Mohigul Nasimova ’19

Quickly every student hurried in to grab a seat. As one was putting on headphones with a pencil in one hand, another was deep in concentration with their artwork. A sound of faint music was heard from every corner. Joyous laughter from a group of friends. Chatter among students. This is the typical Art Club meeting.

Signing up for the club doesn’t require any presentation of artwork or special capabilities. The purpose of the club is to encourage one’s creativity, and so signing up for the club is as easy as showing up and doing what you love.

The club meetings take place on Tuesdays, period 10, in room 345. The club provides the students with supplies to further establish their artwork, such as oil paints and pastels. Students are completely free in this club to pick their own form of art to focus on.

The club provides more benefits for the students than just receiving credits. The Vice President of the club, Jessie Chen ’19, said, “It’s a hobby to fill in time, and I can also work on it to pursue a career.”

Chen has been in the club for three years and yet still continues to engage in its activities. Students with artistic abilities can further establish their life through the time provided in this club. Chen uses the time in the club to work on his own form of art. In fact, he has been trying to improve on his fantasy characters and backgrounds in his journal, and he has seen great results.

Kelvin Shi ’19 was also a member of art club in his freshman year. “Art Club can help expose you to different styles,” he said. “Its friendly and creative vibe makes it easy to engage in conversations and make acquaintances.”

Shi was able to work on small works and use the spare time to catch up on different assignments. He added that most of the art he created included doodles and small sketches.

When joining any club, priority can become an issue. Time management has been challenging to many students. Joining any kind of club requires dedication and time.

Although it may consume time, it provides time for the student “to escape from life,” said Sevara Mallaboeva ’19. Mallaboeva said her life was quite stressful with the AP and regular classes, and art provides a diversion for her.

Mallaboeva has had an interest in art for a while and got to express her artistic qualities through her current work, portraits of renowned people.

Art club isn’t just a group of artistic students but “a place where self expression is encouraged and where your differences will be embraced and appreciated by those around you,” said Vicky Yang ’18, the President of the club.

Every club provides its members with a certain goal in mind, and the Art Club tries to “create a comfortable environment where students are able to explore different mediums of art and art form while expressing themselves in their work,” added Yang.

The club has opened a Facebook page for its members. It assures the dates and rooms to meet every week. This allows for students to be more engaged in the events of the club, as well as expanding the club to even more people than the attending members.

The page also allows the Art Club members to post their artwork or share special upcoming events. This creates more socialization in the club as well as motivation from peers.

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