The Wait is Over… Newly Renovated Home Field Reopens to Teams

By Oscar Mendoza ’19, Allana Hoyte ’19

For the past two school years, Midwood’s outdoor sports teams have been missing a key piece. No, it’s not a great player, a coach, funding or fans. It’s a home field. Any athlete playing on their home field knows that the cheers of the crowd have a unique feeling. It encourages players to try harder, to play better, and to give it their all; and now all of Midwood’s athletes will have their home field back.

“I’m very excited because I haven’t played in that field since freshman year and I miss the atmosphere of it,” said Tyler Bartholomew ’19.

Midwood Field should reopen by late May or early June. It was closed since 2016, making this the second year the field has been closed for renovations.

“Every single thing was made new,” said Mr. Anthony Odita, the football’s team coach, “the lockers, the bleachers, the field, the offices, and tennis and handball courts.”

The field two years ago wasn’t in the greatest of conditions and many felt that it needed to be redone.

“The turf was dirty and wasn’t in good condition to be played on,” stated Zachary St. Dic ’19. “Also, the bleachers weren’t that safe for people to be on.”

There was a total reconstruction of Midwood field since almost everything there was old and out of date. Not only was everything made new, there are additions such as an elevator and a ramp for people with disabilities.

“Having a home field definitely helps the performance of a team,” said Mr. Zachary Alexander, head coach of the boys lacrosse team.

For the last two years, teams had to play away games every single game of the season. They had to travel to whatever high school team they were facing that particular week. Meanwhile, the football team used Aviator as their home field, which is is extremely taxing on the players because of the time it takes to travel to other schools, and after their games, they still have to travel home and do all of their homework.

“We would practice anywhere and everywhere, depending on availability.” said Mr. Odita.

The reopening of Midwood Field will shorten the travel time for students, which will also allow them to get some more practice and game planning in before a game, instead of having to travel for a longer period of time.

“I’ve never been to the field before and I’m excited to finally set foot on the field to experience a football game there,” said Talaia Regist ’19. “It’s also very close to me as opposed to traveling to Aviator field.”

The new field will truly bring back the Hornet atmosphere, since we will finally have our own field back. Students who have never been to a game or are freshmen and sophomores haven’t had the opportunity to truly experience the Midwood field, so it will be a new experience for many.

“It’s exciting,” said David Stephens ’20, “I’ll finally be able to experience playing a season on our field.”

Practices will also be able to start earlier since the travel time from Midwood to the field is only 15 minutes by bus.

“To be able to have home games is a big deal, it’s a part of sports, it gives players confidence, makes them play better,” said Mr. Odita.

Some of Midwood’s teams that will play on Midwood Field once it reopens include football, soccer, lacrosse, track (outdoor season), handball, tennis and girls flag football.

Midwood field is located at 1605 Avenue K Brooklyn, NY, approximately 15 minutes from Midwood High School by taking either the B6 or the B11.

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