The Acceptances Are In… Seniors Make Their Big Decision

By Alena Cradle-Morgan ’19

As the end of the school year approaches, senior Hornets prepare to leave the nest. After surviving their college essays, financial aid application and SAT exams, senior students now revel in senior activities and the excitement of college acceptances.

In such an incredibly diverse school, there are seniors spreading far and wide as well as some staying closer to home. Some seniors will be closer than you think, like Charlene Catalano ’18, who will be heading right across the street to Brooklyn College to continue her academic career.

“I decided to go to Brooklyn College because it has an excellent teaching program and a beautiful campus,” said Catalano. “Furthermore, it has amazing extracurricular opportunities for its students such as summer internships on campus.”

Jennifer Yang ’18 is one of the many senior students who is remaining in New York City for her college experience and has chosen Hunter College for this upcoming fall.

“It is convenient and it has a good variety of majors and fields that I could possibly pursue,” said Yang. “I am still undecided, so going to Hunter College could open me up various options.”

Convenience is not the only factor seniors take into consideration when applying for colleges and when deciding which college to attend. The programs and financial aid package a college offers plays a big role in the college application process and in the final decision.

“I picked Hunter College under the Muse Honor Scholar Program, which is for the arts, including creative writing,” said Ahreema Choudary ’18.

The Muse Honors Scholar Program grants students money annually for the amount of time that they are in college under the program. It provides a private tutor and gives the students priority when picking classes for the semester if the student meets the requirements.

“I chose to attend New York University because they have a variety of programs and they allow students to travel abroad their first year,” said Christine Chan ’18.

Chan will be attending NYU this fall and will also be traveling abroad to London her first year.

Every senior’s plan for college is not the same nor is it the cookie cutter version of applying to a college, sticking with one major and graduating in four years.

“I was accepted into a lot of good colleges like BMCC, CSI, etc. but I went with Kingsborough Community College for now,” said Coreen Noelle ’18. “I decided on Kingsborough because it was close to home, and I want to get accustomed to college then transfer after two years to any college I want to go to.”

While some seniors are staying in NYC for their college experiences, others are expanding their horizons a little further by attending out of state or in other cities in New York.

“I ended up choosing University of Delaware because it’s the only school which really had everything I was looking for,” said Michelle Yaitskiy ’18. “It has a good fashion program that focused on sustainability and helping with special needs which are things that I strongly believe in.”

Yaitskiy compared University of Delaware to colleges in New York and felt that University of Delaware offered more than the other colleges. The school allows her to double major in Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design, to take math and business classes despite her major and has numerous amount of internship opportunities for her to take advantage of during her time there.

“I have accepted the offer to go to SUNY Buffalo State College,” said Abigail Townsend ’18. “I visited the school’s  campus multiple times and I fell in love with the atmosphere there. It’s far from home, but it still has the city feel, so I won’t miss it too much.”

Sherell Farmer ’18 said, “I’ll be attending Cornell University in the fall. I chose Cornell because it allowed me to choose an extremely flexible major that still has viable career options.”

She also chose to attend Cornell because of Cornell’s extensive alumni network, a feature that she felt many schools lacked, and the university offered her the best aid out of her choices of schools.

“I received a Cornell Institutional Grant and a Cornell Tradition Fellowship grant,” said Farmer. “I was accepted as a Cornell Tradition Fellow due to my extensive work in community service from being in Arista and Archon at Midwood.”

Regardless of which colleges seniors are going to, if they are taking a leap year or if they are not attending college at all, the class of 2018 deserves a round of applause and a pat on the back for completing their high school experience. Congrats to the class of 2018! Don’t forget, that every day is a good day to be a Hornet.

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