SoHo Offers a Variety of Shops

By Jeanelle Louie ’19

It can be difficult to find something to do without having to spend too much money, especially when living in New York City, where everything is expensive. SoHo, Manhattan, known for its luxury shops, has also become a place to go for affordable pop-up shops and lunch at the Canal Street Market.

SoHo is known for its shopping area and attracts people with its unique stores. Thrift shops, custom clothing stores, luxury brands, and stationary shops are found everywhere. Pop-up shops are often located in SoHo and attract people, as these stores are open for a limited amount of time. Some pop-up shops that are currently open include Glossier, St. Ives Mixing Bar, Daniel Wellington, JARS by Dani, Metallica Pop-Up, and The Egg Shop.

The Glossier Showroom, located on 123 Lafayette St, is a cosmetics and skincare pop-up store that offers city dwellers products that were once only available online. It makes shopping more convenient since shoppers won’t have to worry about the products breaking when shipping or getting lost in the delivery process. Shoppers are able to test the product in the showroom to know whether it’s right for them. Glossier creates high quality products that are inexpensive compared to high-end and luxury products.

Winnie Sin, a local shopper, said, “I love that I could test the products before buying it. When items are sold online only, many things can go wrong. Sometimes I get the wrong shade or the product doesn’t suit my skin type. However, this pop-up allows me to see what works best for me.”

Addison Wilmer, a worker from the pop-up, said, “I think that the pop-up is great for their business. It’s located in a popular shopping district and the brand got more recognition from this. People are more willing to try out their products, and it’s helping the brand grow more and more.”

The St. Ives Mixing Bar allows guests to create custom facial scrubs and body lotions. They all retail for $12 each, which is inexpensive compared to other skin products. Unlike most brands, they use all natural exfoliants and extracts.

“I love that their products are all natural,” said Rawan Elkhauly. “Lots of scrubs have plastic beads, which are bad for the environment. It’s amazing that they use natural exfoliants and it’s still inexpensive compared to other high-end brands.”

To find a nice place for a meal, visit Canal Street Market. Like any other street market, Canal Street Market is a place  where multiple vendors all come together for the community. The food court has restaurants with ramen, Korean food, smoothie bowls, rice bowls, and sushi. There are even dessert locations including bubble tea, Japanese shaved ice, and ice cream. It occasionally will  switch out the vendors to keep on adding new, trendy restaurants to keep people interested in different foods.

“The variety of vendors makes it hard to choose what to eat,” said Daisy Chen ’19. “I decided upon the rice bowl bibimbap from the Korean restaurant ‘Oppa.’ The food was delicious and most importantly, affordable.”

Jonathan Yashayev ’19 said, “It’s a nice place to go to when you’re looking to try new foods. I recommend the Japanese shaved ice from ‘Kakigori’ since there are great, unique flavors you can’t get anywhere else.”

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