Seniors Prepare for Prom Night

By Sherry Chen ’19 and Khalid Hassan ’19

This year’s senior prom theme will be “Enchanted Forest!” Seniors are looking forward to this upcoming event.

Prom will be held at Grand Hyatt Ballroom this year, located in Midtown at Grand Central Terminal, on June 15. It will go from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM. The price was $225 for students who paid after the first due date.

Senior Advisor, Ms. Liz Bommarito said, “For the first time prom will be on a Friday night this year.”

The Grand Hyatt Ballroom is popular for hosting fancy weddings, meetings, private parties, and special events, such as proms.

There will be international food served and a DJ at the ballroom to get you moving on the dance floor.

Limo, Uber, and public transportation are available to get you to the ballroom. Transferring to either the four, five, six, or seven train will take you directly to Grand Central-42nd Street station.

The ballroom will be a minute away from the station which is also convenient for students.

Individual stops can be made upon request and there are route options.

Betty Wu ’18 stated, “The price won’t be as much if more people chipped in. It depends on the number of people that are going accompany you.”

Most girls mentioned that they will be getting ready with their friends and doing each other’s hair and makeup.

Some seniors provided websites and places to shop for prom attire for those still looking for one.

Celine Lam ’18 said, “I like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale, or Macy’s because it’s really popular.”

Joanne Yao ’18 said, “I bought mine at Showpo. Some of my friends got theirs from Macy’s, Yesstyle, and Boohoo.”

Others also recommended websites like Simplydresses and Effies for dress options. Macy’s was a popular suggestion for purchasing dresses and suits.

LeiBin Li ’18 suggested, “I would get my suit from Express or order online from Combatant Gentlemen. It will probably cost $300 but, if you’re shopping on a budget, always go to the sales section.”

Li ’18 also recommends renting a suit if you don’t plan on keeping one. However, take into consideration you might need one for graduation or job interviews in the future.

Nafeew Abrar ’18 said, “I bought my middle school’s prom suit from Nordstrom and this year I’m doing the same thing.”

Sherzod Nimatullo ’18 said, “If guys are looking for slim fit modern suits then I would suggest ASOS or J. Crew Factory is the place to buy.”

Many students who are looking forward to prom has also shared their thoughts and expectations.

Rachel Yim ’18 said, “I think prom would be very interesting and I’m most excited to enjoy the music and food with my friends.”

Yao ’18 said, “I can’t wait for that pre-prom stress and poking my eyes with mascara! The struggle is real!”

Wu ’18 added, “I expect good food and good music. Also, my friends and I are really excited about the photo booth!”

Most of the students are going with their dates and some with a group of friends.

Lazar James ’18 stated, “I’m excited to go to prom because I will be spending the evening dancing and doing other fun things with my girlfriend, I guess!”

Angel Amato ’18 said, “I’m very excited to hang out with my friends and enjoy one last night before parting ways. I’m expecting it to be the longest night of my high school life.”

Others are also excited about who’s going to be the new Prom King and Queen for this year.

Approval from Mr. Richard Franzese and your guidance counselor is required in order for you to attend prom. The forms are available in the three rooms where money orders can be dropped off and must be filled out. A money order should be sent to room 301 or 346A during periods four or six to eight. It can also be sent to room 417 during periods one or three to seven. Reserving a space is limited so don’t miss out on getting your payments in! If you are lucky, there may still be spots available. It’s a great way to spend the last year of high school with loved ones and making memories on this eventful night. Let’s dance the night away. 

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