Secretaries Retire After Colorful Journey

By Annie Jiang ’19

It’s time to say our farewells to two of Midwood’s valuable secretaries, Mrs. Kathleen Maguire and Mrs. Karen Pucciarelli, who will be retiring at the end of this school year.

“I’ve known Mrs. Maguire and Mrs. Pucciarelli for three years, and the thing I’ll miss most about them is their warm hearts,” said Iryna Svezhenets ‘18, who describes Mrs. Maguire and Mrs. Pucciarelli as her fairy godmothers.

“They have always taken care of me and had my back during my high school experience.”

Mrs. Maguire has been working in the records office, room 131, for 22 years, and Mrs. Pucciarelli for 13 years. Throughout the years, they have made the office their own with toys and pictures of family and friends that sit on their desks, and pots of plants that grow on top of the cabinets.

They are in charge of all the records of every Midwood student, which includes current and graduate students since 1941, the year Midwood first opened.

“They’re [the records are] everywhere; they’re here, in the attic, in the old boy’s bathroom…,” said Mrs. Maguire.

They take care of anything students need, including working papers, transcripts, and education verifications. They also make sure students have their immunizations.

Mrs. Marie Rudolph, a secretary who has known Mrs. Maguire and Mrs. Pucciarelli for six years, said, “In my working experience, they are so kind and considerate, and they always do whatever it takes to help people.”

She describes Mrs. Pucciarelli as a funny, kind, and easy going person.

When describing Mrs. Maguire, she points out the quote that hangs on the wall behind Mrs. Maguire’s office that says, “Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.”

Mrs. Rudolph said, “She’s all about the kids and making their lives as easy as possible. I respect her for that.”

Mrs. Chet Deliz, a secretary in the main office, has known Mrs. Pucciarelli and Mrs. Maguire for seven years and has become close friends with them.

“They are hilarious, and they make life so fun around here. They make the office very pleasant and enjoyable. I’m always smiling and laughing when I’m around them,” said Mrs. Deliz.

After they retire, Ms. Anna Rizzo will work as the secretary in the records office. Although it is not yet known who will be joining Ms. Rizzo, Midwood is planning on hiring more secretaries to work in the place of Mrs. Maguire and Mrs. Pucciarelli.

Despite how busy the records office can get, Mrs. Maguire and Mrs. Pucciarelli make sure to have fun in the office. They work side by side and enjoy the time they have left at Midwood with laughter and joy.

“Something happens everyday, we’re just amazed by that,” said Mrs. Pucciarelli.

Mrs. Maguire said, “Every day is a memorable experience. We try to make everybody happy and we try to make everybody laugh. If they don’t come in laughing, they leave laughing.”

Holidays in the office will definitely not be the same without Mrs. Maguire and Mrs. Pucciarelli, who dress up, decorate the office and bring in food for their colleagues and monitors on every holiday.

“We go big on holidays,” said Mrs. Maguire.

Ms. Rizzo said, “They decorate for every holiday, over the top.”

“Every holiday was so special and memorable because of them,” said Svenhenets ’18.

Ada Jiang ‘18, a monitor for Mrs. Maguire, said, “One thing I’ll remember is during Christmas, when my name was put on the stocking of the fireplace. It made me feel like I was a part of the family in the office.”

After retirement, Mrs. Pucciarelli will be busy babysitting her grandchild as a first time grandmother. Mrs. Maguire plans to visit Mrs. Pucciarelli occasionally and call her every day. They will both enjoy being off work and not having to wake up 5 a.m. in the morning and struggle to find a parking spot.

During their years here at Midwood, they have formed many bonds and will miss the people the most.

“Most of the people here, we have made great friends, hopefully friends that we will keep forever,” said Mrs. Maguire.

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