New Exhibition Celebrates David Bowie

By Dino Jevric ’19

An exhibition commemorating the late pop icon David Bowie is being shown at the Brooklyn Museum through July 15. The exhibition takes visitors through the famed life of Ziggy Stardust himself using videos, paintings, and artifacts that were precious to his career and to billions of fans around the world.

This isn’t the first time that the exhibition titled “David Bowie Is” has been shown to the public. The first stop that this exhibition made was at Victoria and Albert Museum in London back in 2013, where it broke records for being the museum’s most visited exhibition. After having over 1.8 million visitors and traveling through hundreds of cities around the world, the Brooklyn Museum will be its last and final stop.

“I first saw the exhibition in Chicago, the first stop it made in the United States,” said visitor Greg McCormick. “I was amazed by the pieces they had on display. I had to come a second time, and it was definitely worth it.”

David Bowie was one of pop’s biggest influencers. He inspired many artists, such as Madonna, Boy George, Prince, Lady Gaga, and Marilyn Manson. He was known for being a flamboyant artist who wrote music that differed from the rest of the pop world.– Bowie lived to be 69 years old before he died of liver cancer in January 2016.

“When I watched the concerts they played, I felt young again,” said visitor Lorraine Sylvester. “I even shed a tear when the song ended. I miss him so much.”

This exhibition contains many relics of Bowie’s life under the spotlight, from some of his most memorable outfits to artwork he received while he was on tour from fans. According to the New York Times, archivists spent several years choosing pieces to be shown from a 75,000 item collection that was put together based on Bowie’s teenage life to the year he died. The exhibit provides visitors with wireless bluetooth headphones that play an audio recording that goes along with each piece.

“They did a very good job at capturing David Bowie through his clothing, interviews, and other artifacts,” said Ms. Megan Thomas, a guidance-counselor at Midwood High School. “It follows David Bowie through his whole journey and all the alter-egos he portrayed.”

Some might say that The Brooklyn Museum couldn’t have portrayed Bowie to the fullest because his life was so hectic and full, being that he had so many different alter-egos.    However, many disagree.

“Beyond the doors at the ‘David Bowie Is’ exhibition visitors enter a wonderland of every stage of David Bowie’s life,” said Mckayla King, a staff member at the exhibition. “Many people walk in not knowing about who David Bowie was, but then leave with awareness of who he was and how he changed the pop-rock world.”

Tickets are on sale for select times through July 15. Student tickets are on sale for $12 at the Brooklyn Museum’s official website. Brooklyn Museum members get in for free.

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