Mascot to Debut at New Field

By Julissa Richards ’20

The students of Midwood have spoken, and after 78 years of history, Midwood is finally getting its own mascot: a buzzing Midwood Hornet!

Auditions were held by Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin, who teaches Leadership and Psychobiology and is the Coordinator of Student Affairs, in April. In his opinion, the auditions went pretty well. There were a lot of people who did well, but Mr. Kolotkin does have a certain person in mind, although, he jokingly wouldn’t say who.

This may be because the choice is not his to make. Instead, it’s the Student Government’s decision, since the school mascot would be for the student body to enjoy.

Pheona Angoy ’20 said, “We need a figure to try and bring more spirit to the students here. We act like we’re living the same miserable day over and over again.”

Angoy ’20 went on to add, “Maybe if we had a mascot, we’d have a bit more light energy around.”

Aside from  the usual responsibilities of a mascot, hyping up the crowd and doing dances at various sports games, the new Midwood mascot will also be doing things outside of the school. The mascot will visit hospitals to cheer up the patients during a time that may be depressing for them. The mascot will also help with the toy drive, by collecting toys during the holiday season, among other things.    

Angoy ’20 thinks the mascot should also interact with the Midwood students outside of sports games.

To be a mascot, a person needs to have a lot of positive qualities. To be Midwood’s new mascot, this Hornet, “Needs to be able to communicate without speaking, have a good personality, be able to dance, be a good student, and be responsible,” Mr. Kolotkin said. 

In other words, this person should be an optimistic, outgoing person, who has the ability to lift people up when they’re down. Also, the person doesn’t need to be the “perfect student” to be chosen.

“They have to be passing all their classes,” Mr. Kolotkin said.

As for the mascot’s costume, everyone will have to wait a while, but hopefully not too long to see what it looks like. Mr. Kolotkin said the new mascot will most likely make its debut at the opening of the new Midwood field, which may be May 29, 2018, although an official date has not yet been confirmed.

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