College Fair Expands Students’ Options

By Jade John ’19

As Seniors prepare for the next stage of their lives, Juniors follow suit and begin their college searches.

On Thursday, April 26, Edward R. Murrow High School held a college fair from 5:30pm-7:30pm. Each year, Midwood and Murrow partner with each other to organize these college fairs. Midwood holds the fair in the fall, while Murrow holds the fair in the spring. The goal is to introduce colleges to students and parents while answering any questions that they may have.

Students gained exposure of the college fair through flyers, staff members in the college office, and emails sent on Pupilpath and through social media.

Ms. Lorrie Director, who is one of the college counselors said, “I think that college fairs are a major help to students, being that it opens their eyes to many schools that they didn’t know anything about prior to going.”

Ms. Director said that students in all grades can benefit from college fairs, even Seniors who are in their first semester. However, she believes that it is most helpful for Juniors because that is usually the year that students decide which college they are interested in attending.

As students and parents arrived at Murrow, they were greeted by two female representatives and given a map of the layout of colleges around the school. The colleges represented ranged from CUNY to SUNY to private.

Each college was set up with one booth and one representative. As students and teachers approached the colleges that they were interested in, they were given a description of the college by the representative. Some of the information included in these descriptions were the majors offered at the college, the average acceptance rate and grades/SAT scores needed to attend the college.

The first question that each representative asked was, “What major are you interested in?”

Cathrina Aris ’19 said, “As I approached each college booth, I didn’t really know what major I would be interested in when the representatives asked me. But, as I continued to receive information about several majors, I gained an attraction to psychology.”

The questions asked by each representative opened the door for more discussion and in-depth questions that could be answered for students and parents. Additionally, fliers were distributed, which contained more information about each college. Students were given the opportunity to sign up for emails from colleges that interested them.

“I was so happy to get more information about Hunter College,” said Ashanti Woods ’20. “Being able to sign up for emails just makes you feel that much closer to getting into the college that you like.”

Makera Bailey ’19 said, “I had no idea what college I would be interested in, but the college fair really gave me the information that I needed.”

For those who are undecided, college fairs can be crucial when helping you to determine what college you would like to attend.

“There were so many colleges, that you couldn’t possibly leave without being interested in one,” said Nyuda Brown ’19. “I never thought I would want to go to Stony Brook or Hunter, but after receiving the information about these colleges at the fair, they are definitely on my list.”

Jayden Bodack ’20 said, “There are at least ten colleges that I am interested in after attending this college fair. I really got the information that I needed.”

Attending these fairs really opened up the eyes of students and left them with much more options.

“There were so many colleges at the fair that it was a little overwhelming,” said Imani Oni ’19. “But after I got through it, I really took in the advantages of signing up for emails and listening to colleges that I never thought I would like.”

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