AP Language Project Challenges Students

By Pavel Topchilko ‘19

To top off another hard working year of AP English Language and Composition, Ms. Maria Moccia has decided to give her class one last fun project that will teach students and inspire their creativity. Students are responsible for creating a short film focusing on parodizing a satirical topic.

The goal of the project was to highlight students’ understanding of satire and how it is used and comprehended in the world. Students demonstrated that satire can not only mock, it can also bring light to an issue.

“I was looking for a clear target and good satire that punches up and doesn’t make fun of the bullied but the bully,” said Ms. Moccia. “The projects needed to include satirical devices that we went over in class like inversion, parody, and exaggeration.”

Groups of four or five students were formed to include solutions to controversial issues in order to explain what might happen if a better plan won’t be brought up to solve said issue. An example of this is Alexis Marin ’19 and his group’s project on deforestation.

“We all had a lot of fun putting the project together,” said Marin. “There were a lot of embarrassing yet funny moments that we had to rewatch, but overall it was a great experience.”

Along with a short film, students were required to type a two page pager in MLA format explaining their satirical topic. Also, a script of the presented film was necessary. The film must include three satirical techniques that don’t include exaggeration, explaining to the audience what they should do about the issue.

“There was so much work that was needed to be put into the project,” says Dilara Khusainova ‘19. “However, in the end, to see the film put together was very satisfying.”

Ms. Moccia said, “The overall quality of the editing was very well done. Some of the videos were amazing, really funny, and thoughtful!”

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