Varsity Baseball Steps Up to the Plate

By John Rolon ’19

In the interest of full disclourse, John Rolon ’19 is on the baseball team

The varsity baseball team played their fourth game of the season against Fort Hamilton High School. Steven Guercio ’18 gave up two runs, but gave up none afterwards punching in five strikeouts in four innings. Jason Goldblum ’19 pitched the rest of the game giving up no more runs, and tossing two strikeouts in two innings pitched. Despite the pitching performances being almost flawless, Midwood could not put up more than one run, which was scored by James Shea ’18. This was a close game, but the Hornets were handed their first loss of the season.

“I felt pretty good and focused, but I could have improved on keeping the ball down the zone,” said Guercio. “I kept up some pitches when I should have hit my spots.”

Looking to avenge their loss against Fort Hamilton, the team played Madison at their home field. On the bump for Midwood was Alex Muchnick ’19. Starting off the game, Midwood put up four runs in the top of the first, then Muchnick gave up two runs in the bottom of the first, but came back and ended up striking out six in five innings pitched. Taking over for Muchnick was Christopher Kelly ’20, and although he gave up three runs, he was able to get the out of the inning alive. Finally, Goldblum closed off the game with a recorded three strikeout inning to close the game and handing Midwood the win.

Coming into the game against Lincoln, Midwood was on a one game winning streak. On the mound for Midwood was Gregory Dorfman ’19, who recorded three strikeouts in two innings pitched. Steven Guercio took over to finish the game with five strikeouts in four innings. On offense, Midwood put up five runs, but lost six to five to record their second loss of the season.

After losing to Linclon, Midwood was looking to beat Millenium on their home field. Daniel Lentini ’18 was on the mound. He dominated the home team, throwing a complete game shutout, with four strikeouts and only two hits allowed. Key runs from Jared Ramos ’18, Jake Blozy ’21, Shea and Julian Lightburn ’19 gave Midwood the win, with a score of six to zero.

After Midwood’s win over Millenium, Millenium looked to avenge their loss. Pitching perforamces from Guercio, Kelly, and Uritsky, as well as runs from Lentini, Dan Pero ’19, Jalen Robinson ’18, Shea, Lightburn and Mark Barrett Jr. ’19 sealed Millenium’s fate as Midwood improved to a record of six wins and two losses with a score of nine to four.

“As a team, I think we can always improve from game to game,” said Mark Uritsky ’18. “As long as we stick together and continue playing for each other and not ourselves, winning games will not be a problem.”

Their next game was against Lincoln, as Midwood was on a two game winning streak. Despite strong pitching performances from Muchnick, Goldblum, and Dorfman, as well as runs from Ramos, and Lightburn, Midwood lost to Lincoln by a score of four to two.

“We have faced some adversity throughout this past week, but I know we will learn from it, and be better because of it,” said Shea.

Looking to finish the week strong, Robinson is on the mound for Midwood against Madison. A solid five innings pitches, with two strikeouts and only one run scored would bring in Muchnick, who striked out two batters in one inning pitched. Closing off the game, Ramos pitched the last inning, and despite allowing one run, he struck out two. Runs scored by Shea, Lightburn and Barrett Jr. would add on the strong pitching performances, giving Midwood the win, three to two. Midwood is now seven and three.

“I think we played well overall, and we need to stick together as a team when we face adversity in order to get back into games whether we are down runs or tied, these improvements need to be made as soon as possible with a tougher schedule coming up,” said Lightburn.

The boy’s baseball team will play again on May 17 against Tottenville, at McGuire Park at 4:00 PM.

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