Lady Hornets Set Eyes on Championship

By Reem Hamaida ’19

In the interest of full disclosure Reem Hamaida is a member of the flag football team

With an undefeated season thus far, the flag football lady Hornets have a promising chance at the championship.

Jordan Kennedy ’18 said, “We can definitely win the championship this year, we came with a strong comeback from last year and we are hungry for it.”

The lady Hornets have been practicing more than ever. Most days the Hornets go to film, where they meet and watch the games they’ve played to recognize the mistakes made. During film the girls also learn new plays.

Brittney Edwards ’20 said, “Film is a new thing Skelly has been doing with us this year, it is very helpful because it allows me to see the game in a different perspective and I can easily recognize my mistakes”

After film the girls go straight to practice where they practice the new plays they’ve learned.

Practice consists of a warm up where the girls stand in a line and stretch, next they do the throwing and catching of the football which helps the girls improve their throwing and catching skills. Then the girls break up into three groups and do seperate  flag grab drill. This helps the girls improve their flag grabbing.

After that they get in formation and run plays, sometimes even scrimmage so they can stay sharp. Finally, the practice ends with the punt team, this helps the kicker improve and also prepares the girls for catching punts in a game. With practice set that way the students work on grabbing flags, catching, throwing and even kicking the football, all skills needed in a successful flag football team.

“Practice has been non-stop and more intense than ever before, but we’re working toward the championship and once we get it all this work will be worth it,” said Autum Adams-Edwards.

Practice usually starts at 3:45 and ends at 6. The girls get around two to three water breaks depending on weather.

Nefretari Powell ’19 said, “I feel like practice takes all the energy in me. I wake up at five in the morning every day and get home at seven from practice. I think it’s worth it though because I continue to improve.”

Jonathan Skelly, the coach of the team said, “I see us going far this season, we have hardworking dedicated girls that are willing to put up a fight for the win.”

The girls have already played everyone in their division once and they seem confident that they can beat every team a second time around since they studied how the teams play.

Sara Elshaer ’18 said,“Skelly teaches us how every team plays which allow us to adjust and win.”

The team is confident that they will continue their season undefeated which will make them division champions. With the game record so far the lady Hornets are sure to make playoffs as one of the top seeds.

Even though the team proves to be really strong, only two members have very played in flag playoffs before. Many lack this experience and aren’t used to the pressure in playoff games.   

Mr. Skelly said, “The girls didn’t make playoffs last year. This is something new for almost  all of them. Although this might put them at a disadvantage, I still believe that the girls will play well and make it far.”

This season has proved to be like no other, and the girls are really excited to see how far they will make it.

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