Girls LAX Shows Improvement

By Alexa Delacruz ’19, Cody Liang ’19, and Azman Chowdhury ’19 

As their season draws to an end, the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team has made some major improvements since last year and has a lot to reflect on this season.    

The girls have an overall record of 5-8 but have definitely progressed from their previous season, with their record of 1-17. They worked hard and put a lot of effort and dedication into their practices and games.

“I think this season went really well,” said Tiffany Zeng ’19. “We got a handful of wins and we’ve definitely improved since last season. I think we could have worked a little bit more on stamina and not letting the opposing teams get into our heads because when we get frustrated we start to play a little bit sloppy and lose our flow, but overall we’ve done really well with sticking together as a team!”

With only one victory from their previous season, Ms. Kendra Lane, coach of the girls varsity lacrosse team, has taken many steps in guiding the team to success.

“We’re not as consistent as I’d like us to be,” said Ms. Lane. “Some minutes we play beautifully and the next minute we look like we’ve never played before in our lives.”

Ms. Lane and the captains have been using a lot of strategies and new techniques to strengthen their playing skills, but Ms. Lane still suggests that work needs to be done during their off season as well as their free time to ensure a successful recovery.

She said, “The girls should participate in events such as City Lax clinics, and college camps that are available.”

Curtis High School has been their toughest competition of the season so far, with a score of 1-16 at their game on May 1. The team also had a tough loss against

Tottenville High School and Susan B. Wagner High School, with scores of 7-17 and 4-14.

The game against Brooklyn Tech on April 19 highlighted the intense rivalry between the two schools. With members from both sides playing at their full potential, the game went into double overtime. After constant back-and-forth goals, Brooklyn Tech emerged victorious with an 8-7 final score.

The team covered up their wounds and moved on to face Madison and John Adams in their fifth and sixth matches. The Hornets fell to Madison with a final score of 9-3, but remained undeterred and overcame John Adams in a close game that ended with the team scoring ten goals, a point higher than the opposition. 

Despite these losses, the team still maintains a positive attitude for each game.

“For this season our goals aren’t just about winning, although winning is great,” said Briana Staten ’18. “We look more on having a fun time and not having such a negative environment. Like it’s better to play and have fun then to win, but like you don’t really care.  Like our bus rides I can say are the best things because we are always singing and dancing.”

Throughout every victory and loss, they have supported one another in working as a collaborative effort even when circumstances aren’t the best.

Zeng ’19 said, “The team dynamic is different now but we put in all of our time and effort into the team and we work as one. We are really a family and I’m glad to be playing with these amazing girls!”

To celebrate their accomplishments of this season, the team will be having an award dinner on June 6, at Pizza D’Amore in Mill Basin.

“This was my very last season and it’s sad to say goodbye to my coaches and underclassmen,” said Qurrahtulain Ashfaq ’18. “Overall I couldn’t be more proud of my team. We had a tough season last year but we worked harder and started the season strong. For many of us this isn’t just a sport it’s more that. We all became really close and will always be a family.”

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