Cricket Team Chirps About Playoffs

By Atif Gujar ’19 and Hong Sheng Zheng ’19

Hornets be ready and cautious as the Midwood High School Cricket Team makes it to playoffs!

On April 26, the team started off to play their fifth game of the season. At Marine Park, the boys managed to win a tight game against Brooklyn Technical High School.

The Midwood Hornets declared victory as they defeated the

Engineers with a final score of 126-123 runs.

The team’s coach, Mr. Michael Moore, had been coaching the team by himself  for nine years with the help of student managers. The team’s coach likes to ensure the team’s success so that they can be ready and strike to win their games.

“I like to coach this team because it has to do a lot of conditioning,” said Mr. Michael

Moore. “We’re looking for a great season”.

This year, the team is confident and is reflecting on last year’s mistakes in order to improve.

“Our fielding isn’t good at all,” said Taahaa Warraich ’21.  “But is only going to get better.”

Moreover, new players have been introduced to the team emerging from: Taahaa Warraich ’21, Mahd Ahmad ’21, Shaban Ali ’20, and Mohammad Kanoongo ’18.

              The players who have had experience from the past few years say that the team is growing stronger in their skills than they were ever before.

“I feel proud of my team especially on bowlers because our bowling is strong and quick. They have more pace  then others teams have. Our batting is decent because we don’t have enough strong hitters. Last year the team is way better than last year,” said Aman Ahmed ’20.

Taahaa Warraich ’21 has been a rising player on the team with experience in many cricket leagues he has polished his skills and had the opportunity to help out the team and  his special interest to the sport.

“Playing cricket with older people and practicing non-stop with my Dad has helped me become a better player,” said Taahaa Warraich ’21.

“Cricket is life,” said Taahaa Warraich ’21. “Love playing the game.”

What else makes the team better is its better chemistry among the players such as  Captain Ali Usman ’20, who manages the team and points out his teammates’

weaknesses to help them ensure they have  good capabilities to play well when they’re in the field.

The emotional atmosphere has increased momentum and the team’s first win brought prosperity to the team.

“We just won our first game,” said Taahaa Warraich ’21. “We just trying to start a winning streak and keep the momentum rolling.”

Currently, the record of the team is 1-4, but since their first win,

they’ve been practicing better to build up their stattistics.

The team’s last game will be on May 30, at Marine Park, at 4:00 P.M. when they will play against Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School.

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