Boys Volleyball Spikes Out Opponent

By Luis Gene ’19 and Nursat Jahan ’19

Whose house? Our house! Whose house? Our house! Cheers from the volleyball team echo throughout the gym as the Boys Volleyball team defeated Brooklyn Technical High School at a home game on April 26. Midwood won both sets: first set 25-17 (Midwood-Brooklyn Tech) and the second set 25-13.

Spectators flooded the gym and filled the bleachers to see which team will claim victory. The starters were Samvel Gazaryan ’18, Frank Toriso ’18, Carlos Aceytuno ’20, Jason Chen ’19, Wen Cheung ’20 and Kyaw Khant ’20.

“Both teams had a great rally against each other. They were tipping, pushing, and killing the ball against each other,” said Felix Hernandez ’19.

As the game started Safin Shihab ’20 and Toriso made amazing blocks against Tech as Toriso spiked the ball through Brooklyn Tech’s defense. Cheung then  spiked the ball before the 10 foot line, as Gazaryan and Aceytuno scored service points

“A lot was happening right at the beginning of the game and I was very excited that the boys were giving it their all,” said Yamilette Sanchez ’19.

Once the second set came around Gazaryan started the game with an ace (a serve that hits the receiving team’s side untouched). Even though there was a redo for one serve, Hornets took the point when Toriso blocked Tomasz Jablonski ’18 (middle blocker for Brooklyn Tech).

          “This game was intense because they really gave us a fight, but this time around we’ve improved greatly and had a home advantage which played in our favor, as we made the hornets proud again,” said  Christopher Eli ’19 who was the outside hitter.

Towards the end of the first set, the boys made some mistakes, such as touching the net, hitting the ball out of the court and serving the ball into the net. These mistakes did not hinder the Hornets from winning the game.

“The drills we do in practice are very similar to the situations in the game,” said Gazaryan. “So after doing it for so long and so many times, during the game it’s like second nature when something happens.”

Results of practice were seen throughout the game. The team had many good rallies and fought to keep the ball from touching the floor on their side.

Mr. Tommy Ma, who has been coaching the boys for a year, said, “We started a little

bit nervous. We are playing better and better and were using our opportunities offensively. Starting the second set, we played a lot better and we are making less errors.”

With the PSAL games over, the team is focused on practicing for the playoffs. They

are practicing with passing, serving, and rotations relentlessly with a end goal of taking home the final victory.

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