Rapport Magazine Highlights Midwood Diversity

By Helen Hu ‘19 and Kris Lee ‘19

Midwood is a place filled with people of different backgrounds and cultures. But have you ever wondered how we celebrate our diversity? Look no further! The Rapport online magazine has just what you’re looking for!

The Rapport magazine is an online literary magazine of world languages. Students in the school who wish to represent their cultures could participate in it. For every issue, a theme is given. Students can submit a writing piece in whatever language they wish to, but also have to provide an English translation of it. Usually, the submissions are in the format of a poem, but sometimes students utilize their skills to create something more special. Many students who read Rapport finds that the submissions connect with them in some way.

“I always get really excited when I hear that a new issue of The Rapport has been released,” said Sally Zhu ‘18. “I love seeing someone write in my language. It always makes me feel special in a way.”

One of the most popular languages that students write in is Spanish. Students who are taking a Spanish class often use the skills that they have learned and incorporate it into Rapport.

“One way we promote The Rapport is by talking about it in our foreign language classes,” said Ms. Maria Feehan, the Rapport adviser and a Spanish teacher.

First, Ryan Channer ‘19, the editor-in-chief comes up with ideas about the next topic, and then he consults with the other editors to get feedback.

“I enjoy doing the job and I find Rapport to be an important part of our school,” said Channer. “I’m often inspired, humbled, or touched by the level of craftsmanship, sincerity, and creativity that go into the submissions.”

If you take a look at http://www.rapportmidwood.com, the home page currently has a lavender background with the themes labeled on the top. A slideshow of pictures that were either drawn or taken by students is also shown and this demonstrates their creativity along with their story. These images are based on the topic the students were assigned to write about. They are filled with vibrant colors that make one feel greeted.

“I think that the themes of Rapport are very welcoming and they really make you miss your home country,” said Winnie Tang ‘19.

As you scroll your way to the topics, a variety of languages are presented. However, not all the topics include the same list of languages. For example, the topic “memories” might offer a person’s story written in Albanian, but “loved ones” and “my city” doesn’t provide it.

“Although the website is easy to get around, I think a few adjustments should be made because the homepage is a bit bland,” said Christina Wu ‘19. “But I do think that because there are different languages for each category, it offers more options that would attract more readers.”

This allows people from other diverse groups to connect with languages they’ve already adapted to and gives them a chance to learn something out of their comfort zone.

“I find Rapport as an important way to accept other cultures and languages. By having the opportunity to share about one’s experience based on their native country, we are allowing other diverse groups to appreciate and respect it,” said Karla Olivares ‘19.

Different groups of people from different countries around the world in our school can contribute to this website by spreading positivity and admire one another’s culture.

“I hope that The Rapport will gain more popularity and exposure through social media online. Also, audio would be a great addition to future posts,” said Ms. Feehan, “I think that The Rapport has the potential to evolve in many ways!”

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