Hush, it’s starting… Theater Class Experiences Lion King

By Jade John ’19

Students roar in excitement after attending Lion King on Broadway, Thursday April 12.

Ms. Elizabeth Bommarito, the drama teacher and senior advisor at Midwood High School, organized this trip. Although she didn’t have a choice in the play that she would take her students to see, Lion King was the show available this semester, and  she knew students would love it since she’s seen it so many times.

The trip was originally set for March 7, but due to weather issues, the show was cancelled. Ms.Bommarito and Mr. Terrance Judson, who is also a drama and English teacher, pushed for the trip to be rescheduled for students. However, the only available times were at night  from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. Many students weren’t able to make it due to the time, but that allowed room for students who were attending to get free tickets for family members and friends.

Ms. Bommarito said, “A later show allows for  more of a true audience, you hear the reactions of everyone, and it feels like more of a real experience compared to a normal school trip.”

Lion King is a broadway show derived from the award winning 1994 Disney film.

Throughout the play, there were tons of costumes and animations while presenting lessons and themes such as overcoming manipulation by family members and being strong when going through obstacles and adversity.

Ms. Bommarito stated, “It never gets old no matter how many times I watch it. Seeing the elephants come out from the audience always gets the highest applause and happens to be my favorite part.”

Mr. Judson said, “I enjoy bringing students to the theater, especially when it’s their first time. Seeing their facial expressions and excitement brings me a lot of satisfaction.”

Several students shared their experiences following the play.

Makera Bailey ’19 said, “Lion King by far was by far the best show I’ve seen on broadway. The animations were so incredible that I can’t even describe it in words.”

“The costumes were to die for,”said Essence Robertson ’19. “They were so vibrant, the actors had so much energy and I learned new tactics for drama class when we present scenes.”

Adriana Richard ’19 said, “The show was really good and the music made it even better. The show is just as great no matter what time you see it.”

“Seeing Lion King in the movie theater or on TV gives it no justice,” said Sierra Lucien ’19. “Broadway gives the show so much animation and movement that if feels like the audience becomes a part of it.”

In addition, Mr. Wally, who is the teaching artist from a program called Theater Development Fund came to all of Ms. Bommarito’s drama classes, as well as Mr. Judson’s drama class, to conduct foundation work. This ensured that students would understand what was going on during the play. He constructed four lessons in which students will present scenes that portray themes from the Lion King.

Ms. Bommarito and Mr. Judson were both very pleased with the show and the effects that it had on students.

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