Hornets Tour the Emerald Isle

By Atif Gujar ’19, and Syed Yousaf ’19

Students in Midwood High School went to to “The Emerald Isle,” Ireland, during spring break. There, students had fun participating in cultural events and viewed the landscape of Ireland.

As always, Midwood High School is proud of its tradition in going on international trips to many countries with the help of faculty members such as Ms. Susanna Sala and others who helped make this trip a better event.

This year, the faculty members who administered this trip chose Ireland due to the abundance of natural beauty there.    Education First Tours also provided tourist interaction support. The main attraction of this trip was “The Emerald Isle,” the nickname given to Ireland’s countryside which all the students were eager to see.

“I had an amazing time on the Ireland Trip,” said Agata Grzyo ’18.  “Our tour guide and teachers were awesome, the views were spectacular, and I had a lot of fun exploring with my friends.”

Ms. Sala said, “We arrived at Dublin by plane, the busdriver was there to pick us up.”

Not only were there students and faculty members from Midwood High School, but there were also people coming from other schools in different states.

Ms. Sala said, “There were some people from Tennessee and Michigan. We had 12 students and 3 chaperones.”

The activities were diverse because they visited many cities but also saw natural attractions and Irish festivities. It was a blend between urban and countryside touring which made it even better.

“We visited many different cities such as Dublin, Galway, and Killarney, and Cork,” Ms. Sala said.

Natural attractions that the students visited were River Corrib and Bowling Green. River Corrib is a river west in Ireland that flows from Lough Corrib through Galway to Galway Bay. Bowling Green is a vast natural frontier in Ireland.

“The Cliffs of Moher, [located in Killarney,] were very nice and amazing to see especially because of the countryside view,” said Ms. Sala.

The entertaining events of the trip were those infused with Irish culture.

“We went to see Irish music and dance, they sang traditional music and taught us to dance steps,” said Ms. Sala.

The surprise touring place was Titanic Belfast, a museum foucing on the RMS Titanic.  “We did a scavenger hunt of the victims that were lost in the the Titanic tragedy, since the Titanic ship had its last port in Dublin,” said Ms. Sala.

Reflecting on this trip, Ms. Sala seemed excited about the trip, and on how amazing and fun it was.

“I loved to see the different landscape of Ireland, its cities, animals, and forests,” she said.

In reflecting on the purpose of these international trips, Ms. Sala said, “I love to share my joy, traveling with students and I love amazing experiences.”

Grzyo said, “It was one of the best trips I have ever been on!”

According to Ms. Sala, the trip was so immersive that the students had a blast and didn’t want to come back home.

In future years Ms. Sala, faculty members, and the students wouldn’t mind going back to Ireland!

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