Film Making Club Expresses Creativity

By Muhammad Abuzar ‘19

Filmmaking club is a place for young photographers, directors, and video editors to let out their ideas through the art of film. Students are supplied with iMacs equipped with Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop and more. There is even a green screen!

“Filmmaking allows students to creatively express their point of view in a way that writing can’t,” said Amanda McBain 18, president of the club. “I love that you are able to share any story or interest you have through the art of film,”

McBain started the filmmaking club in her sophomore year with Henry Mei 18, after taking Ms. Elizabeth Bouiss’ video production elective in their freshman year.

McBain and Mei founded the club together to express their passion for film. McBain expressed that she wanted to provide a space for Medical Science students who wanted to do filmmaking but can’t.

“I wanted to continue video production in my sophomore year but being a medical science student, I was not able to do so,” said McBain.

Kervens Thimothe 18, vice president of filmmaking club, has been apart of filming and producing many videos of Midwood events such as the Winter Band Concert, SING, and Kwanzaa Fest.

“I filmed and edited videos of these events and posted them on the Midwood Youtube channel [Midwood High School Films],” said Thimothe.

Thimothe enjoys filmmaking and participating in the club because “filmmaking allows you to be expendable. It can open your eyes to not just film, but also photography, photoshop, and video-editing.”

The club meets in room 483, tenth period on Wednesdays, and eleventh period on Thursdays.

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