COSA Aims to Promote School Pride

By Sherry Chen ’19

Teamwork makes the dream work! The Coordinator of Student Affairs (COSA) works with student government for better communications between the student body and the administration in order to address students’ interests.

The  COSA’s primary goal is not only to create more pride in the student body, but also to get more students involved in the school through student government. This gives the students a voice.

Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin, a science teacher, has been in charge of the COSA since September of 2016. He is currently working on ways to benefit students and the community while promoting school pride.

He serves to bring the school together and he provides information about important events that will take place in school. Clubs, senior prom, college fairs, and other events are also run by the COSA.

“I took it upon myself to create more programs for students,” said Mr. Kolotkin. “I’m currently organizing student volunteers for the school and the mentor program for seniors to mentor freshmen all year, which has been successful.”

He added, “I gave more support to student government so they felt that they could do more things than ever before.”

As a part of the community outreach program, the COSA is designing a mascot costume for games, as well as events that will represent school pride.

“I want to use the mascot, cheerleaders, athletes, and student government to visit children’s hospitals and senior centers just to be more involved and support our cause,” said Mr. Kolotkin.

As COSA, Mr. Kolotkin has also created a newsletter in order to help students and engage them in school events by providing them with updated information on Pupilpath.

After gathering relevant information, he created a page with all the tutoring schedules in one place for students to easily access. This provides the information students need and encourages them to seek out  help by going to tutoring.

“That’s my template of what I want to do for the whole school: get all my information into one place,” said Mr. Kolotkin.

He mentioned that one step to show the student body that we care about them is providing them with everything they need to know going on in school.

“It updates students with information and also as a step in getting them involved,” he added.

Gathering information for students and providing it to them through a newsletter helps unite the school with the help of the COSA and student government.

Joyce Chen ’18, the Midwood mayor, said, “After Mr. Kolotkin was elected COSA, there were letters sent to students, parent, and faculties about everything happening in school – sports, games, tutoring, and  upcoming events.”

This gives students the opportunity to be involved and participate in many activities as well as to be informed on what to expect.

Elysia Richards Durham ’19 said, “ I find it beneficial because it informs students about upcoming events or activities that may pertain to you. It helped me connect with our school.”

Julie Huang ’19 said, “Since most of the time announcements are not heard over the loudspeaker, it’s [the newsletter] also a great alternative. I believe it’s very helpful for students because it has a lot of information.”

The COSA acts as a guide while the student government creates more school events and activities to get more students involved.

Future goals of COSA include updating the bookstore, designing new shirts and sweatpants, providing suggestions about what to sell in the school store for students, and more community outreach with the help of student government.

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