Cafes Offers Their Space To Study

By Naomi Lee ’19 and Tiffany Fu ’19

Studying at cafes has become increasingly popular. But it’s hard to find the perfect spot when your nearby Starbucks is crowded. Well, we have you covered. Across Brooklyn and Manhattan, there are coffee shops and cafes that are hidden gems.

Project Cozy is in the midst of the lovely neighborhood, Nolita, Manhattan, on 398 Broome St, New York, NY 10013. The cafe is as cozy as its name says, and it is so spacious, you’ll always find a seat. The owner, Simon Ho, said, “Project Cozy was created to bring streetwear culture and lifestyle into a coffee shop environment.”

The menu offers a variety of drink and pastry options;  our favorites are the cozy mint coffee and matcha cream puff.

The pastries and coffees’ names are inspired by popular songs and trends. For instance, a particular juice is named “0 to 100,” inspired by the title of a Drake song.

Another juice, named “More Life,” is named after Kanye West’s motto. The turkey sandwich is named “ASAP Turkey,” after famous rapper ASAP Rocky. The walls are decorated with street-branded artwork by famous artists, including Supreme and Yeezy art.

It also serves something not many cafes serve: acai bowls. Food and drinks are fairly affordable – all under $10.

With free Wi-Fi provided and a well-decorated setting, this place attracts many students and workers. Bring your laptop, your books, and study away!

          Alex Li ’19 said, “The modern styles and vibes presented are different, and I truly enjoy the atmosphere of the cafe. It’s a really nice study spot!”

Greecologies is in Nolita, Manhattan, at 379 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013. The menu is certainly interesting and outstanding from other cafes. This spot is known for their organic Greek yogurt and salad bowls which is relatively affordable – all for under $15.

It’s just enough nutrients to give you energy for studying the whole day. It serves drinks ranging from a simple iced coffee to a fancy hot chai matcha latte – all for under $6. It is a white-themed cafe and is overall aesthetically pleasing. There’s a beautiful outdoor seating area filled with plants. Take a visit, sit outside, take in the sun, and get on the studying grind.

Anastasiya Kuzmina ‘19 said, “My friend and I studied at Greecologies recently. The food and service were amazing. My favorite part of the cafe has to be the outdoor seating area. It was nice taking in the fresh air and being productive at the same time, rather than being stuck at home in my room. Studying at cafes has definitely motivated me to study more.”

Chocolateria is in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn on 228 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215. According to the cafe’s official website, this cafe is known for Top 5 Hot Chocolates in New York City. And it surely is one of the best spots to study.

You can get super comfortable here; there are comfortable couches and seating (to study and to take a nap when you get tired). The menu offers a variety of what it’s known for – chocolate. They have all sorts of chocolate pastries and chocolate drinks, for under $6!

It is absolutely delicious and definitely gives you the energy boost you need. There’s an outdoor seating area with multiple tables and even a rocking chair for when you need a quick break.

Alice Yee ‘18 stated, “I always order the white hot chocolate, it’s so good! I always go there for study dates with friends. Seeing people around me study actually motivates me to work harder.”

Milk and Honey is another hidden gem. It is located in a rather quiet neighborhood, 1119 Newkirk Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230, but is truly a treasure finding. According to the cafe’s official website, “The cafe is a space made with love.”

With a pleasant wooden vintage setting, you are able to enjoy and take in the 90s vibe. The menu serves quality breakfast and lunch meals that are just enough to satisfy your cravings. The food is great and affordable – a perfect combination. From healthy quinoa bowls to delicious pizzas, the pricing of the food is all under $15. The cafe also serves drinks, from classic hot coffee to special drinks such as turmeric latte. 

Benny Thai ‘20 stated, “The lamb flatbread is really good, you have to go try it for yourself. I recommend this place for those who want to eat when they feel their energy is at a low while studying, haha.”

Not only is this place a great brunch place, it serves as a great studying spot as well. There is always relaxing music playing, creating a wonderful atmosphere. After a brunch date, you can turn it into a study date!

These hot spots all offer affordable food and drinks and a pleasant atmosphere, each with its own charm. So, next time you have a final exam coming up, keep these great spots in mind!

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