Student Perspective… Boys LAX Practices With Intensity

By Kaidi Gao ’19

Practice makes perfect, the Lacrosse Team’s favorite mantra, is the key to success for a nearly perfect season. Midwood Lacrosse Team has won seven games this season and has lost only one.

Practice is essential when it comes to winning competitions and improving a player’s skill. Practice can familiarize the player with the sport and make movements more easy and fluid.

Since Midwood’s field is currently under construction the team practices in Marine Park. This poses a problem for students because they have to travel a substantial distance to get there after school. Depending on the student’s ending period, getting there on time proves to be problematic. For example, if a student leaves after period 9, he would have to travel approximately 2.6 miles to get from Midwood to Marine Park within a certain amount of time.

“In my opinion, practice is an important learning

process and it’s the most crucial part of the team since you need to think about true plays and see them happen in reality,” said David Liu ’19.

The Lacrosse Team is composed of mostly juniors and seniors. Most students who join the Lacrosse Team have some form of experience with lacrosse in the past. However, not all students have experience with lacrosse. Students can join with no knowledge of the sport because they have a passion to learn. These students are on a different playing field as those who have some experience with lacrosse in the past. All these students stick together and practice every day with one goal in mind: to win competitions as a team. Even though practice can get heated up, students enjoy themselves and look after others.

“Everyone contributes, everyone has role on the team and everyone is just looking to get better individually and collectively,” said Head Coach Mr. Zach Alexander. “With 44 players and one coach, it is difficult at times to make sure that every one is attacking the drills with intensity and purpose, but that is on the players to take ownership of the time they have at practice.” 

Andy Jiang ’19 said, “The coach does not give each player equal amount of play time, but I understand it.”

Whether it’s in real life or in a game, not everybody is going to be treated the same way and someone is going to be upset. This is the case for our team as well. Not everyone is on the same skill level, so some students will get more time to play in the competition than others. However, this can be resolved by giving said player a larger quantity of time during practice for him to improve. The coach will be deciding who gets to play next in a game or who will be timed out. The coach will try to maintain fairness and let each player play as long as he can. In a heated game however, the intention will be to win the game. Therefore, the coach will choose the players that have more skills and can perform better to play longer to get the win.

Edwin Ramos ’18 stated, “I think that our coach really helps us get better at practice and he makes sure we’re ready for games. He told us that we’re going to scrimmage each other on some days so we can have more fun at practice. Which is great because I feel we should have more balance between serious practice and just having fun.”

Despite having different skills levels, no one looks down on anybody else on the team. Everybody is supportive of each other and that makes our team stronger. The coach is there during practice to help those who are lower in skill level to do better and improve. Even though the warm-up period might be tiring and obnoxious to complete, students overcome those obstacles and become better athletes overall.

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