Girls Track Hurdles Outdoors

By Christina Wu ’19

The Girls’ Track Team is gearing up for the transition from the Indoor to Outdoor, where a 200 meter track becomes a 400 meter track.

Since the Midwood field is under construction, some events are unable to be practiced because of the lack of proper equipment. With the start of outdoor there are new events that are introduced such as steeplechase, pole vault, and javelin.  However, the girls have to make use of what they have by practicing at Wingate.

“I’m planning to prepare for triple jump by practicing my phases in my hallway because we do not have our own sandpit,” stated Chase Ware ’18.

Triple jump consists of three phases (a hop, step, and jump). Wingate does not have a sandpit, and the rough walkway is not sufficient for practicing the three phases because it could cause shin splints. Furthermore, it is hard for some to travel home from Wingate.

Christelle Glaudin ’19  stated, “It’s not difficult for us to get to practice because it is relatively close to the school. However, it is burdensome for us to get home because of the MTA.”

Despite the inadequate track, other girls are determined to set a personal record this season.

“I plan to prepare for Outdoor by running 45 minutes on a nearby track and lifting weights, in addition to practice,” Antonia Ivery ’19 said.

The girls work out in different groups based on their pace, time, and whether or not they are a sprinter or distance runner.

“I think this year we will continue to coach, teach and practice some of the few events where we had good success in the past,” stated Harry Singer, the assistant coach. “I like to focus on the harder, more technical events that most other teams don’t spend any time on because they are more difficult and require more work and effort than a lot of other events. We do well because our girls work at learning the events and put in the effort to get better.”

The Day of Weights meet was the first official meet at Icahn Stadium, on April 5. Although the weather was windyand chilly, the girls tried their best. Imma Ruiz ’19 ran a 2:36.0 for the 800 meter run, putting her in first place. Alina Bennett-Dubin ’20 placed fifth with a 9:14.8.

Mr. Singer said, “The girls did fine on the Day Of Weights. It was the first [time] we had a chance to throw the discus and javelin as there is no place to practice safely since our track has been closed for four years.”

During outdoor, the girls have to run in various temperatures ranging from chilly to scorching. They persevere and are determined to win not only the borough championship, but most of the meets they attend.

“Track is a demanding sport, requiring a lot of time in basic hard work, but it is easy to improve and find success,” Mr. Singer said.

The girls will continue to practice for the Brooklyn Borough Championships at Icahn Stadium, which will take place on May 19 at 1 p.m.

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