Girls Softball Swings for Playoffs

By Jason Chen ’19

Watch out, the girls softball team is gearing up and hitting the field for a successful season. On April 12, the team prepared to play their third game of the season. At Marine Park, the girls managed to close out a tight game against John Dewey High School.

The close game built a tense atmosphere as spectators waited to see which team would come out victorious. The Lady Hornets defeated John Dewey with a final score of 17-13. Throughout the intense game, the girls managed to keep cool and finished the game strong.

“The game was pretty close for the most part. Our mentality was really just to shake off any errors from previous innings and push through to the win,” said one of the captains, Anjelica Impoco ’18.

So far, the Lady Hornets have lost one game to Sunset Park High School but has defeated Brooklyn Studio Secondary School. The ultimate goal for the season is to make it into playoffs and make it far. Last year, the team did make playoffs and made it to the second round, but they lost. The team hopes this year will be different.

They’re training hard at practice and games to improve their fielding and batting. 

Ms. Jenny Ferrarin, head coach, stated, “I would like the girls to give a hundred percent and do the best they can and not let time go by. We need all the practice we can get through the weather, so when we’re outside we need to take advantage of the space and time we have.”

“As the years go by, the team has been very educational as we learn each other’s strengths and boundaries. The team is very supportive and work very smoothly and truthfully with one another, said Ariel Brathwaite ’18

However, perhaps what is most upsetting is that the seniors will leave the team. In total, there are seven seniors, on the team, calling for a major shift to occur in the next season. Moreover, three of the four captains are seniors.

Many of the underclassmen will miss these seniors since they have been the ones guiding the team this year.

“It’s a sad feeling because they’re all very valuable to the team in their own ways and we’re all friends,” said Cassidy Huertas ’19.

The seniors’ departure does not mean that the team will be discouraged. What this means is that they have to rebuild and be a much stronger team next year

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