Football Team Tackles College Tours

By Hong Sheng Zheng ’19

While many students stayed home during spring break, the football team got a headstart in their decision making on their annual college trip. The annual football team college tour is important because many students do not have time or money to visit several colleges. It also allows the student-athletes, especially the seniors, to meet the coaches and make an impression. This year, the boys visited  SUNY Albany, Cornell University, SUNY Cortland, Syracuse University, and Ithaca College.   

“The college trip is a great experience,” said Mr. Anthony Odita, head coach of the varsity football team, “because the students have an opportunity to see and experience the college life and get first hand experience of college life on and off the field.”

Visiting colleges before applying to them is an important part of the college process. The experience introduces them to the college atmospheres.

“The college trip has been beneficial because I got the chance to see the various campuses and facilities that each school has to offer,” said Damilola Awosika ’18. “This really helps me decide what I’m looking for in a college.”

In addition to seeing the campuses, the football team was able to get the chance to eat at some of the dining halls and talk to some college football players and coaches to get some insight as to what they will expect once they reach college. They were also able to watch during practice and interact with the players. All of this made it easier for the players to realize what college life will be like for them in a few years.

“The purpose of the trip is to open our eyes so we can see what it takes and what you have to do to make it to these schools,” said Tziah Owens ’19. “And it really did open my eyes. I will work harder to achieve my dreams of becoming a professional football player”

Odita would like to remind everyone that without grades, an athlete wouldn’t be able to participate in sports or might not even be accepted to go to a college.

“Keeping up with school work gives an athlete the best chance for success,” said Mr. Odita.

For student athletes, grades are as important as player performance. It determines the difference between receiving an athletic scholarship to play or not. Along with research about tuition, financial aid, and distance away from  home, starting now is key to narrowing down college choices.

Mr. Odita would like to remind all students that without grades, an athlete wouldn’t be able to participate in sports or might not even be accepted to go to a  college.

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