School Revamps Website

By Daisy Chen ’19 and Annie Wong ’19

After many students complained about Midwood’s old website being unorganized, Ms. Melissa Pentangelo has redesigned the school website.

The website’s new design was inspired by other high school and college websites.

Ms. Pentangelo said, “I looked at several high school and college websites to get ideas. The new host offered a number of different templates to choose from, and we thought this was the cleanest and most streamlined.”

On the old website, all the information was on the main page, making it difficult for students to find what they’re looking for.

“A lot of the information that was on the main page has been moved to the ‘About Us’ section,” Ms. Pentangelo said. “I tried to add information in the most logical place possible so it would be easy to find for visitors.”

The website now includes a map of the school, which is helpful to students. There is a calendar that shows all events such as when schools are closed, when Regents exams take place, or when a half day is. There are also web links that guide you to Naviance, free resources & programs, PupilPath, Argus, and the school webstore.

“For me, when we start a new semester, I get lost easily so it’s nice to have a campus map where I can check to see where my room is,” said Ashley Quarless ’19.

Sometimes freshmen who are new to the school may get lost or not know their way around so having a campus map to get around will be useful.

“When I was a freshman, I often didn’t know where to go to find my rooms and I didn’t like asking strangers,” said Kobe Wong ’20.

Rawan Elkhauly ’18 said, “I actually really like it. It looks so official now and much easier to navigate through. I also like how you can access Naviance with one click now, which is so essential especially in senior year.”

Although most students find the new design easy to navigate, some students find it hard to get used to.                         

“It’s complicated for me because I used to know where everything was on the old design, but now it’s hard to find what I’m looking for,” said Wong. “It takes time to get used to it.”

Since the website was redesigned and many things were moved around, it might be confusing for some students to use.

Emily Zhen ’19 said, “The new website is a little confusing to navigate because I’m used to the old website. But it might be easier for freshmen to use.”

Not only has new content and information been added, but the website has a new look altogether. However, it still keeps the theme of blue and white, which are Midwood’s colors. There have been mixed feelings from students about how the new website looks.

“The site looks better on mobile, but on the computer it looks awkwardly stretched,” said Zhen. “But compared to the old website, I think it’s a big improvement.”

The homepage of the website only has the necessities: the latest news and  the calendar. Even though this makes it easier for students to find the most important content, it may make the site look empty.

Michelle Kagan ’19 said, “The new school website looks very sleek and seems easier to navigate. I feel like the new design brings out Midwood’s color. I will have to adjust to the new change nonetheless.”

Even though the new design looks more modern, there are mixed feelings on whether or not the website had to be changed.

Fion Liang ’19 said, “I don’t think there were any serious problems with the old website, but I just think it was a little outdated. It didn’t really seem professional because the old website had all the information on the front page and it seemed messy.”    

Zhen said, “I don’t think it was necessary because the old site had all the information on it. Personally, I didn’t really use the site for anything other than bell schedules, which were pretty easy to find. I don’t think there were any problems with it.”

Overall, the new website is better than the old website but it still needs to be improved upon. But with time and effort, the website will look better and more importantly, be helpful for students.

Ms. Pentangelo believed that the old website was confusing, and many students complained that it was difficult to find what they were looking for.

“The new site still needs some work but overall, I think it offers a much better version than before,” said Ms. Pentangelo.

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