New Teachers Bring Enthusiasm to Class

By Henry Mei ’18 and Haseeb Khan ’19

Ms. Keisha Darius, Ms. Ivy Casper, and Ms. Rachel Volk are among the new teachers starting their first year of teaching at Midwood.

When Ms. Darius, an English teacher, started teaching she believed it was necessary for her to make connections with her students to further help them learn. She also believes that if students are more comfortable in their environment, then they’re able to focus on their task and are more likely to interact with their peers.

Though she wants her students to feel comfortable in her class, Ms. Darius said it is hard to meet all of their needs because “Midwood is such a big community, it makes it difficult for teachers to connect with all their students.”

According to Ms. Darius, her first year of teaching at Midwood was not difficult because of the support from the staff.

“They [the staff] are very supportive,” said Ms. Darius. “They are always checking up on me and giving me constructive feedback, which helps me grow as a teacher.”

Ms. Casper, an English teacher, is eager and looking forward to continuing her first year teaching at Midwood. She is trying to ease the pressure for new students so that they have a more comfortable experience.

“I’m really easy to approach. I wish students would be more comfortable coming to me,” said Ms. Casper.

Like Ms. Darius, Ms. Casper also wishes she could know her students better and fit their individual needs, but finds it difficult due to the size of the school.

Ms. Volk, a global studies teacher, is looking forward to teaching at Midwood.

“I really like history, and I always wanted to be a teacher,” said Ms. Volk.

Ms. Volk believes students should learn history because of all the real world implications. History not only informs people about different cultures, it also helps people learn from past mistakes so they don’t repeat them later.

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