Ping Pong Club Bounces

By Megan Yang ’19

Every game isn’t always about winning, but more about having fun and building friendships with others.

Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is a game that involves communication and teamwork. Games may get intense at times, but at the end of the day it’s all worth the fun. After every game, you can learn something new, such as a skill that can be used in your next game. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at playing. In the beginning, there are some rules in joining the club.

If you aren’t in the club or you don’t come to their meetings frequently, you are not allowed to play. You may not be allowed to cut class to come to the club. Therefore, there was a rule made in which members had to be a junior or senior in order to join unless you had lunch when the club meets. The most important rule in ping pong is to not lean on the table. Finally, you may not flip the paddle because the equipment available is limited and can break easily.

“It’s something nice to do after school and you spend the majority of your time stressing about school but why not relieve the stress by playing ping pong,” said Justin Jiang ’18, Vice President of the Ping Pong Club.

The club only meets once a week, which may not be enough for some members; unfortunately, there isn’t enough funding to have more days. Equipment is needed for every pair to be able to play, but others can watch if there isn’t enough equipment. Watching can also be a valuable experience because you are still learning. Other skills may develop as you get to know about the club more. The Ping Pong Club is still a club because there aren’t enough players and skilled players to make it a team.

“Everyone’s here to hang out play a little bit and it’s like a little family we have here,” said Salenna Weiner ’18, President of the Ping Pong Club.

Once club members get to know more about how to play ping pong, there are small competitions between members of the club that held in the school. At the end of the competition, small prizes are given to winners. Having competitions between members helps to motivate members to practice and get more involved in the club. With more members involved in the club, it becomes easier to learn the game and for students to help each other build a set of different skills to use. Whether you like to play singles or in pairs, it’s all about learning.

“We pass on our knowledge to new members from not knowing how to hold a paddle to playing well,” said Weiner. “It is very cool to see their expressions and how happy they are when they finally get it.”

The Ping Pong Club meets in the cafeteria periods 8 and 9 on Wednesdays and advised by Mr. Peterson.

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