Library Resource Records Students’ Research

By Alena Cradle-Morgan ’19

Destiny Quest is a new resource for the school’s library that will help students choose what books to read and will assist them with research.

This new feature in the school’s online library catalog will allow students to create a profile and keep track of what they read. Also, with clearance from a librarian, students will be able to review and recommend books to their peers.

“They can keep track of what they want to read, what they’ve read and what they are currently reading,” said Denise Gary, the library media specialist.

Destiny Quest provides students with helpful information about what’s currently in the library.

The website also shows any new arrivals to the library, the most checked out items, and lists of books pertaining to specific topics customized by the librarians. Students can print out these lists of books, making it easier to do the research for their assignments.

The next steps are to inform students about this new feature, educate them on how to access it, and make the website easy to use.

In order to access Destiny Quest, students must go on the school’s website and click on “Library” under the students tab.

Next, click on the library catalog link, search for Midwood High School and click on the Destiny Quest tab.

The librarians hope to make the process of finding the website easier by eliminating the need to search for Midwood’s library catalog. The goal is that when students click on the library catalog link on the website, it takes them directly to Destiny Quest.

“There are forty-two hundred students in this school, and they are not using this.” said Ms. Gary, whose hope is that students will be informed of this resource at orientation or are told about it in class. “This is something to incorporate in orientation,” she said. “This is another lesson to teach students what components go into writing a review.”

There is a mix of opinions on Destiny Quest and how useful it will be for students. Some of the main positive aspects show that it would make school work more efficient, however, others disagree.

“I think it is great because sometime students forget what book they’ve read, and if there is a record of what components go into writing a review,” said Yosselin Castillo ’19.

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