Girls Track Team Dashes to Victory

By Gabrielle Aizin ’19 and Maqadus Sakhi ’19

The girls track team sprinted into fourth place during the Brooklyn Borough Championships at Armory Track on February 11, 2018. The different types of races that each individual team member ran are now posted on the PSAL website. The girls worked tirelessly for months to prepare themselves for this event.

“I am very proud of the team because they have had a lot of success and have put a numerous amount of time and effort into the practices every day,” said Mr. Harry Singer, the assistant coach.

Unlike the Brooklyn Borough Championships, the city champs were more limited. Only a selected number of girls who ran qualifying times were able to participate in the event. The freshmen and sophomores participated in the city champs on March 4  at Armory Track.

“I was proud to see that I had finished seventh out of 31 competitors in the shot put 4K. I prepared for this event and gave it my all. I plan to continue striving to do my best and hopefully win another race,” said Adja Thomas ’20

While other teams have special qualifications to join, the track team does not require any special skills. The only requirement needed is the determination to train hard and willingness to improve stamina.

“Even though I think of quitting sometimes, my team encourages and pushes me to keep going and try my best,” said Betty Wu ’18.

The track team offers many different types of races that team members can choose from such as long-distance races: 3.1 miles, 1.5 miles, 3000, 1500, 1000m, and 800m. There are also many different types of short distance races such as 400m, 600m, 300m, 200m, 100m, and 55m. Track also offers hurdling, which is a highly specialized form of obstacle racing. For example, long jump, triple jump, and high jump.

“Track has always been in my life because I’ve always been running whether it’s competing or just racing someone in the street. But the difference is I wanted to compete against other students to get better,” said Yanelly Dennis ’19.

The track team is divided into two categories, indoor and outdoor. Indoor track is only available for team members in the winter, while the outdoor track is obtainable in the spring. The first  event for outdoor track this year was the Spring Series One Lafayette which was held at Lafayette Ed. Complex – Field on March 20.

“Track is a really good experience, you get to try something new and make a lot of really nice friends. Track isn’t about winning races it’s about running for yourself, and trying to beatyour best score every time in future events,” said Chase Ware ’18.

Midwood has competed against several different schools over the years. Some competitors require more skill to beat than others. The major opponents of the girl’s track team are Paul Robinson and Brooklyn Tech.

“I like the feeling of running and pushing my limits which motivates me to keep pursuing track. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication, but it’s a hobby of mine,” Xiu Mei Wu ’19 said. “People should join track because it’s a fun experience where you really have to push yourself and it’s a great way to stay in shape.”

If you are interested in joining track you can email the main coach, Walter Cohen, at and schedule an appointment to try out.

“When I was looking to join a team, I did not intentionally look for track, it just stood out to me and I don’t regret joining it at all,” said Lindsay DiFusco ’18.

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