Club Inspires Future Lawyers

By Michelle Kapusta ’19

All rise, this court is now in session. The Future Lawyers of Midwood Club was established early last school year and is still going strong. The club meets every Monday during period 11 in room 1S and Ms. Dara Greenbaum, global history teacher, is the club advisor.

Even though any student is allowed to be a part of the club by showing up to the meetings, those who desire to pursue a career in the law field would be most interested in joining. The club president, Emma Harrutyunyan ’19, started the club because she wanted to get students together who have the same career goal as her and would like to share their ideas about what they know regarding the law field.

Harrutyunyan said, “I think students should join this club because not only are we able to learn about courtroom vocabulary, the job of each individual in a courtroom, the types of lawyers, and things like that, but we are also able to have fun and enjoy ourselves.”

A typical meeting begins with a recap of last week’s learned information and an introduction to the week’s new subject matter. Then, an activity related to the topic is done by either partner work or a combined group.

“The 40 minutes we have each week is a great opportunity to make new friends and take a break from studying and doing class assignments,” said Christine Kwann ’19, the club vice-president. “I think that each activity we do during the meetings is beneficial to helping us break out of our shell and be able to feel free and speak our minds because as a lawyer, you are supposed to be able to be loud and get your point across for the audience to understand you and agree with your point of view.”

In addition to making new friends, learning about a possible career path to follow, and learning to be confident in regard to public speaking, active club members will receive service credits that can be used to apply to Archon, an honors society. Moreover, involvement in the club will also give students the opportunity to mention the club as one of their extra curricular activities they participated in on their college applications.

“The reason I like going to the club every Monday is because I like to learn what I am doing right and what I need to improve on,” said Kwann. “Most of the activities we do involve reading, learning new vocabulary, writing, and memorizing information, and those kind of activities can improve all of our  basic skills.”

Some club activities include researching colleges that specialize in law, mock trial, memorizing testimony and responding to it, and finding the suspect based on given evidence and interpretation.

Ms. Greenbaum said, “I expect the students to experience and understand the different types of laws. [Also,] to become more confident speaking to other students, to understand what they want to do with their life, and if this is something they’re interested in.”

“As of now, we don’t really have as many students participating in the club as we would have liked, but I think it’s because not many people know about this club since there are so many clubs in Midwood,” said Harrutyunyan. “A similar club to our club is Mock Trial, but the difference between our club and Mock Trial is that we do not go out of school to do any activities and we do not compete with other schools.”

The club is currently looking for more members so that eventually the club can merge with other schools in order to research other kinds of activities the students can do and to learn more information about the law field.

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