Boys Varsity Lacrosse Approaches Season With Intensity

By Carlos Gomez ’19

The boys varsity lacrosse team is working intensively for their upcoming season as tryouts were held March 5 and 6. The Hornets are hoping to avenge their lost against Brooklyn Tech last year, with a team that has increased in size as a result of the Junior Varsity not having a team this year.

“I’m really excited for this season,” said William Sanphy ’19. “I think we have a really good shot at winning a championship because we have lots of great guys that have a winning mentality.”

With the inability to find a new head coach, the Junior Varsity Lacrosse team will not have a team this year.

“I think it sucks that there is no Junior Varsity this year because I learned a lot about the game on Junior Varsity and got lots of play time,” said Sanphy. “So for the new guys, they won’t see the field as much since they’re not as experienced.”

  For the tryouts, the participants had to do one-on-one drills, which consisted of throwing, catching and fielding ground balls. Ground ball drills are when players must run and grab the ball as it rolls down the ground. Afterwards, the participants competed against each other one-on-one in trying to score in the goal.

“Tryouts were stressful,” said Matthew Zhu ’19. “Being a junior, I had a lower chance of getting on the team because I only had two years to learn and play on the team. Because of this, I had to try my best to be better than the others.”

Returning Varsity members are working hard for themselves and the new members to help them maintain a solid team for the season.

“It’s important for the seniors to be good role models for the new freshmen and sophomores on the team and to help them improve,” said Edwin Ramos ’18. “I’ve been preparing for the season for months. I’ve been practicing using my right hand, which isn’t my dominant hand so that I can be more useful to the team.”

The boys lacrosse team has been practicing both indoors and outdoors from 3:30 to 5:30. For their indoor practices they have meetings prior to their working out sessions, describing the defensive and offensive strategies they will be using this year. After the meetings, they work on their conditioning skills by first doing light jogging up and down the stairs then push-ups, planks, and sprints. These exercises help maintain their strength, cardio, and stamina.

“The indoor practices are tiring and the school is always hot so it makes it worse,” said Sean Walsh ’18. “But it does help improve our stamina and will help us on the field so we don’t get tired during games.”

With the hopes of having Midwood field in late April, outdoor practices are currently held at Marine Park. During this practice, the boys first start off by doing warm up stretches and partner passing. The team is then split into two teams of returning players and new players, who wait for the next drill from the coach, Mr.  Zachary Alexander.

Alexander said, “Having a home field definitely helps the performance of a team. However, this team is only focused on what we can control. And not to minimize this adversity but it should not stop us from achieving our goals.”

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