Boys Baseball Swings for Playoffs

By Luca Esposito ’19 and John Rolon ’19

In the interest of full disclosure, Luca Esposito and John Rolon are on the baseball team.

With less than a month to go before the season starts, Midwood’s Varsity Baseball is looking to make it back to the playoffs to avenge last year’s loss to Tottenville.

The disapointing loss ended a stellar year, with the Hornets finishing first in the AAA Southeastern division. The Junior Varsity is also looking to top their division.

“It is crazy to think that in the future I will be a part of my final season as a Midwood Hornet,” said James Shea ’18. “Me, along with my teammates, are committed to take it day by day and make the most out of every moment we will have forever.”

The team reported for their first practice outdoors on March 1 after months of hard work in the weight room, the hallways, and the concrete yard in front of the school. Each player had a process for getting better and a shared goal to achieve.

“Every year, the goal for this team is to bring a championship back to Midwood,” said Shea. “We achieve this goal by working hard everyday, passing along our work ethic. And through hard work and preparation, we can do it.”

Both the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams worked in the offseason to get better.

Varsity head coach Mr. Saverio Nardone, along with JV head coach Mr. Matthew Brown, have worked hard to get both teams closer together. With joint practices at McGuire fields and a big brother and little brother system, the two teams should be much closer.                

“This program has a lot to prove and a lot to accomplish, and there is no time for slacking,” said Iran Ramos ‘19. “But through hard work and dedication, this team will be as successful as last year.”

Mr. Nardone, who is coming up on his fourth season with Midwood, is looking to bring the team to another city championship and prove that Midwood baseball is the best organization in the city.

Andrew Umbria ’19 said, “I feel like we could be the best team in [the] PSAL and can compete for another city championship as long as we work hard and are dedicated to the sport we all love.”

Baseball is a sport that requires a lot of team effort, and each player must be alert, prepared, and communicative.

“We have worked hard all year long, and we are ready for any team we face,” said Steven Guercio ’18. “The pitchers are looking solid, and our offense and defense are strong, and that gives us wins.”

Activities like cleaning the field after poor weather and other small games during practice helps build team chemistry. If the chemistry is right, Midwood could have another championship winning team this year.

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