Sing Band Supports Dancers and Actors

By Haseeb Khan ’19 and Atif Gujar ’19

SING, a production that was fueled by the creativity and determination of students, was performed on February 9 and 10 and showed off all their hard work.

Band members who participated in SING wowed the crowd with their intense playing and unique talents. All the band members who participated in SING worked several days after school to hone their skill to make sure they gave their best performance.

Bandleader of Junior SING, Soleil Robertson ’19, said, “We practiced every song that we know so we can become confident with playing it.”

Robertson not only wanted the band members to practice the songs they were going to play, but also be confident playing it so that they wouldn’t mess up from the pressure of a crowd and end up playing their best.

Though the process to achieve this feat can be really tedious and annoying, from choosing the right song to play, or from the constant repetition of playing the same part to perfecting the piece. Robertson believed it was all worth it to see how everything came together in the final end product.

Unlike other bands who choose what songs they were going to play, Sophomore SING band wasn’t so lucky. Samsen Marquez ’20, bandleader of Sophomore SING band (SoFresh) said he was not allowed to choose the songs that his band wanted to play. Instead, they were told what songs they were going to perform by dance members and commissioners.

Marquez said, “Being able to make music is kind of like an art form to express yourself.” So being told what songs that they needed to play restricted their creativity and expression.

Though some band members disliked the songs they had to perform, all band members could relate to the joy they had when they performed.
Senior SING band member Kortni Chung’18 said, “The best part about SING to me is when we bring our competition to the game. We’re here to win!”

All SING band members gave their absolute best and were determined to win, however, only one team could won. As the results came in, Dr. Ernest Pysher announced, “SoFresh got 148 points, Juniors got 156 points, and Seniors got 162 points. So the winners are Seniors!” The 2018 SING competition was won by Senior SING band with their exceptional playing skill and striking performance.

With SING over, students are already restless for the next year’s competition.

“It was a show of a lifetime,” said Shien Lin ’19, being eager to see how next year’s performance will be.

SING has not only allowed different grades to compete with one another, but it also gave band members the opportunity to show off their musical talent in ways they weren’t able to before and allowed them to improve themselves for the better.

“I’ve always wanted to play an instrument since I was five years old,” said Tristen Bucknell ’19, a trumpet player for the Junior SING band. “SING gave me the chance to show my talents.”

Another musician, Carina Pierre Louis ’18, said, “We all come together to create something bigger than we are individually.” This shows how performing for SING
has improved her cooperation with other band members.

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