Patterns Club Displays Students’ Creativity

By Megan Yang ’19 and Fanny Zhao ’19

Time and space is this year’s theme for the Patterns Club. The theme is incorporated in short stories and poems written by students in the club, which is advised by Ms. Melissa Pentangelo, a creative writing teacher.

“Being in the club brings together creativity,” said Nadine Adham ’18.

The purpose of the club is to expand the creativity of writing short stories to other students. Students write their own short stories and poems, which are then edited. At the end of the year, students decide which of their works are to be published in a professionally printed magazine/journal.

“It’s fun to see other students perspectives,” said Tia Bobb ’18.

First, students’ works are submitted to the club email,, any time. However, when the magazine is almost ready to be published there is a deadline for submissions. All works are then looked over by each member of the club, and Ms. Pentangelo, to vote on which ones are to be published in the magazine. At least ten votes/signatures from the members and Ms. Pentangelo are needed for the work to be
chosen. Each student’s best work is submitted to be read and edited by Lena Wu ’18, a member of the Patterns Club, which later becomes published to create this journal. Wu helps decide on the submissions, which include submissions of her own work. When a piece of work is able to get a submission into the journal, any drawing that is made can go along with the writing. The magazine can later be purchased from Ms. Pentangelo for $5.

“Everyone is very supportive and helpful in helping to edit work,” said Ms. Pentangelo.

Ingrid Baumann ’18 was in Ms. Pentangelo’s creative writing class and is now a member of the club. Ms. Pentangelo asked Baumann if she would submit her poem with her artwork from her creative writing class. Soon after, Baumann visited the club and decided that she would join the club. She believed that she should invest in coming to the
club, and it was the right decision because she has fun there.

“I am very comfortable and enjoy being in the class,” said Baumann. “It’s a fun creative space to be in, and it’s a nice community because we are gathered together to create something, the magazine.”

Between May and June, there is a city college festival in which students publish their poems.

“It’s a good opportunity to attend the festival, especially if you’re a writer or into literature because you are exposed to other writers and their works,” said Baumann.

The club has been around for 70 years and is still expanding with the help of students and Ms. Pentangelo, who was a student editor herself when she attended Midwood High School.

If any students are interested in joining the Patterns Club, meetings are every Tuesday in room 356 during period 7 and in room 313 during period 9.

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