Chorus Plays Central Role In SING

By Za-Asian James ’19

Chorus, one of the most vital parts of Midwood’s annual SING, showcased their talent on Friday, February 9, and Saturday, February 10.

Junior SING’s chorus director Anecia Henry ’19 said, “I feel decently ready as showtime may be different than practice.”

SING is a musical performed every year in February that combines chorus, different aspects of dance, such as modern, ballroom, and hip-hop, band and acting. Although all the different groups are important to the shows development, chorus creates and remixes most of the songs that the other groups dance and sing to.

“I feel like all the groups are really important and  [chorus] just unravels the story in a more entertaining way,” said Kayleen Nieves ’18, Senior SING’s chorus director.

Henry said, “Chorus’s role in the show is as important as any other talent groups, as we all play a role to develop and progress the plot in an interesting and entertaining way.” Considering the title ‘SING’ though, Henry explains that chorus has a more obvious and explicit influence as it’s their responsibility to perform music that portrays the concept and mood of the scene from the lyrics to the melody.

Like any other musical, there are challenges to face, and the chorus directors are aware of this. Time management, communication and organization are real and apparent in the development of all Midwood’s SING shows, emphasized Henry.

“It’s difficult to be in and lead groups like chorus, dance, acting, band, art, crew etc. to begin with, but what’s even more challenging is trying to make all these moving parts come together in a cohesive way that shows the complete vision,” said Henry.

That’s not all they had to worry about either. SING is made up of many students from various backgrounds, with different personalities, and this alone can create a whirlwind of problems.

Pheona Angoy ’19 said, “We have a really diverse set of people—character-wise, and there are a lot of complications we face due to their personalities clashing at times. Also, there is a peculiar attitude that most people have towards SING that makes it hard to be productive. You hear lots of people saying ‘Who cares? We’re not going to win anyway.’And it’s hard to have fun when we’re being counterproductive.”

In addition, because this is a competition, SoFresh, Junior, and Senior SING all have different music being played throughout their show. The different styles of songs sung by chorus reflect the overall message of the individual shows and portray different moods.

“Some of the songs are more tense while others are more upbeat, in this way the highs and lows of what being part of a production like SING is portrayed as it seems that even in the rush of excitement things can go bad and change quickly.” said


Through all the challenges, hard work and preparation to get to opening night SoFresh, Junior and Senior SING was ready to perform. In fact, SoFresh was awarded best song for their “Say Something” duet by A Great Big World.

With the wide variety of other songs the crowd heard, such as, “Love On Top” by Beyonce and “Help” by The Beatles, the crowd had many opinions about their performances.

Stephanie Leblanc ’19, a junior who attended Midwood SING, said, “Senior chorus was alright but they were more enthusiastic Friday than Saturday. I like the Harry Styles song they sang at the end.”

Students were not the only members of the crowd that had an opinion on the songs performed at SING. Parents, family and friends also came to support the show.

“They are all a group of talented kids and I like how they changed the lyrics to suit each individual group and it actually sounds beautiful in their version,” said Leonette Richards, a parent who attended the SING show.

In the end, there could only be one victor, although they weren’t awarded best chorus, Senior SING had the most points out of all groups and took home the win.

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