Wrestling Team Tackles City Championships

By Damali Ramirez ’18

As a wrestler steps onto the mat, his adrenaline spikes through the roof. He straps the green or red band onto his ankle, shakes his opponent’s hand, waits for the referee to blow the whistle and prepares to claim one thing – victory. On the sidelines, spectators, teammates, and coaches are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see who will win the match. Seven members of the boys wrestling team competed in the Wrestling Individual Championship at Truman High School on February 11, 2018.

“We were super excited about it, we had three guys in the finals, which is the most since I’ve been in Midwood,” stated Mr. Mike Dowd, head coach of the boys wrestling team.

Jahongir Davronov ’18 took home the title for city championship in the 145 weight rank for the second time. Right off the mat, Davronov tilted his opponent Jack Reusing from Brooklyn Technical High School and earned a total of five points within the first period. Davronov faced Reusing two other times and developed a sense of Reusing’s wrestling style. He demonstrated his sharp and newly developed techniques throughout the three periods and had a final score of 8-5. 

“Winning cities was my goal for the past three years. I wanted to be city champ more than anything,” stated Davronov.

Both Abdullo Omonullaev ’18 and Jack Gwertzman ’18 faced fierce competitors in the 126 weight rank. Gwertzman placed fifth and Omonullaev placed second with a final score of 10-0 to Matthew Mina, a  returning  city  champ  from Brooklyn Technical High School.

“I always wanted to be in the finals and I always wanted to win cities,” stated Omonullaev. “Coming into this year, I didn’t think it was possible, I had to compete against with two returning city champs; so considering the fact that I was in the finals with one of my fellow friends, I’m glad.”

Emre Mabocoglu ’19 competed in the 195 weight rank against Dylan Nerich, who’s ranked fifth in New York State, from William C. Bryant High School. During the last ten seconds of the third period, Nerich took down Mabocoglu earning him two points. The final score was 2-1, ranking Mabocoglu second in the city championship.

“In the last ten seconds, I was really tired. I was the one who was taking the shots, I was doing everything. He took a shot at me and I couldn’t defend it, so he won the match,” he stated.  “It really got to me, at the end of the match I was really sad that I lost by one point.”

First years Andrian Artsisheuskiy ’21 and Mahmoud Aboserua ’20 demonstrated their new skills as they challenged their opponents. Artsisheuskiy took home the third place title in the 113 weight rank and Aboserua placed sixth in the weight rank of 136. For the upcoming season, Artsisheuskiy aims to win in state, city, borough, and nationals. Another member who placed was Joseph Zakharov ’19, in the 120 weight rank, who placed eighth.

Nonetheless, the team hopes to win city championship next season by training and practicing more during the offseason at Beat the Streets, a wrestling organization, helps the team with their practices, build their conditioning, improve and learn new techniques. Many players also plan on going to camp so they’re ready to tackle the next season. They also plan on recruiting more lightweights and heavyweights to have a full team because 11 seniors are leaving the team.

Mr. Dowd stated, “This season has been a little bit up and down because we had some injuries at the end and some huge disappointments; but we also had some great finishes.”

If you’re interested in joining the wrestling team, see Mr. Dowd in room 256 periods 4, 6, 10.

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