Thrift Shops Thrill With Great Deals

By Naomi Lee ’19
Among the expensive shops throughout New York City, there are hidden treasure chests full of affordable, stylish clothing and accessories. And who doesn’t love finding hidden
gems? Thrift shops, compared to modern fashion retail stores, sell items for a much cheaper, affordable price. Items tend to be under $20-$30. Many people are drawn into thrift shopping for the variety of antique and vintage clothing the stores have to offer. It is a way to explore and express one’s fashion style.

Beacon’s Closet is in the midst of the lovely neighborhood, Park Slope. It is located on 5Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11217. The area itself is a very cozy, relaxing place to hangout. And even better, there’s a thrift shop! The shop is owned and operated by Cindy Haze and Adrian Haze. It is constantly inundated with fresh and hot stock from local fashion lovers.

The shop buys, sells and trades vintage and modern clothing and accessories. The shop also sells bags, shoes, home decorations, records, and jewelry.

Deborah Hill, a part-time worker, said, “In all honesty, I love my job. Fashion has always been a big part of me; it’s a way to show who I am. People with different styles come in to either donate and sell their clothing and it’s a great way to share your passion for fashion with others.”

Buffalo Exchange, located in the heart ofWilliamsburg, Brooklyn, is a young, hip place that many are drawn into with its chic boutiques, vintage stores, and trendy cafes. The thrift shop is located on 504 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211. The shop buys and sells vintage clothing, jewelry, artwork, shoes, bags, pins, and CDs. Buffalo Exchange is a local hotspot for fashion lovers.

Michael Sanders, a full-time worker, said, “I’ve been working here for nearly three years. This place truly holds a special place in my heart. The thrift store has eclectic, hip, and young clothing which really reflects the vibe of Williamsburg. In fact, it’s the first store to open up in New York!”

Goodwill is located in the midst of the lively, fast-paced Union Square. It is located on 7 West 14 Street, New York, NY 10011. Goodwill is located in the city, a place full of liveliness, magnificent immensity, and non-stop rush. However, workers say it is the “calm in the storm.” The thrift store is a simple, quiet place, and stops the city chaos for a bit. Goodwill is a non-profit organization that sells only donated items.

From vintage furniture, decorations, artwork to jewelry, accessories, shoes, and clothing, Goodwill sells everything! Unlike many thrift stores, Goodwill is extremely color-coordinated and style-coordinated, making it simple for the shoppers to find what they want. Each item has a tag that corresponds to a certain price. There are multiple locations throughout New York City, and most are big and clean.

Pavel Topchilko ’19 said, “Goodwill is the one place that always has my back. Everything is so reasonably priced and I love that there are fitting rooms. Although the clothing are pre-owned, it’s very clean and in good condition all the time. I also tend to find designer-brand Commes De Garcon and Zara clothing for under $15!”

The East Village was once filled with funky, vintage and hip stores. However, many have been replaced by modern clothing shops. There is this one vintage neighborhood gem in the East Village, though: AuH2O. It is located on 84 East 7 Street, New York. NY 10003. There is a great selection of clothing at affordable prices. The store focuses on selling trendy, vintage, stylish jewelry and accessory pieces and clothing.

Most customers are always coming back for the $5 clothing rack and under $10 clothing rack. Finding designer brand clothing and items for under $10, it can’t get better than this.

Tiffany Fu ’19, a frequent thrifter, said, “My fashion sense is varied, but I tend to lean towards the 90’s looks. I love vintage windbreakers, sunglasses, and accessory items. I love thrift shopping because they sell great vintage pieces at such a low price!”

Although second-hand items do not sound all too appealing, the clothing is checked by workers. The workers pick out items they feel are clean and trendy, and they go straight to the sale rack. Thrift shopping is all about diverse styling, vintage trends, and affordable items. It really does not get better than this. So, go out and explore your style.

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