Play Production Prepares to Perform

By Vasyl Ilnytskyy ’19
Theater production students are gearing up to take the spotlight for their next play on April 26 and 27.

“It is hard to find something you are passionate about unless you have seen several broadway shows,” stated Stacy Miller ’18.

Students in the class have found inspiration in Broadway shows, such as Wicked, Rent, West Side Story, and Hairspray, which can all be used to create the final product of the play. This allows students to get the choice of what they want to

Ainon Hai Kazol ’18 said, My friends knows how to play Zombies by The Cranberries on the drums and I think I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan is a very cool scene that we can try to recreate.”

Yet there are other students, Like Kazol, who have found inspiration within their own class in contrast to outside sources.

“SING takes a song and changes its lyrics while the songs for the play are sung as they were written,” said Ms. Bommarito.

Other differences between SING and the school play include the students who actually participate. SING is split into three different performances and the majority of the school can join while there’s only one school play that you have to be in the theater production class, or in some cases, really intrigued to help out to join.

Joyce Chu ’18 stated, “I thought that I might as well join because my friends are here and I like to participate in the performance.” Students who are offering their support to the play, like Chu, will be incorporated in the play one way or another. In addition, all students participating are encouraged to have more than one aspect in their role.

“I thought it would be fun to be part of the production,” said Shania Kirton ‘19.

Furthermore, juniors within the class are looking forward to enjoying the road to the final product while having fun along the way.

“I am looking forward to everything, but the acting,” stated Kelly Li ’19.

While others like Li are less enthusiastic about certain aspects of the show, they are still excited to participate in the production which will have props from Materials for the Arts located in Queens.

Ms. Bommarito said, “I just want them to showcase their talents and have fun.”

All in all, the changes between now and April will incorporate the work of Ms. Bommarito and her students along with several other teachers, such as Ms. Robin Casalta, who has worked on solos for the past plays with previous students.

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