Meow Parlour Café Attracts Cat Lovers

By Kris Lee ’19
It’s a calm Saturday afternoon. You’re sitting in a warm and beautiful little cafe, enjoying a cup of hot coffee with a side of cute, colorful macarons. Suddenly, a tabby cat jumps on your lap and meows for your attention. You feel overwhelmed with love all of a sudden. What more purr-fect way is there to spend your Saturday evening than this?

There aren’t many spots in NYC that are more heart-warming and relaxing than Meow Parlour. Located in the busy streets of Chinatown, Meow Parlour is one of the first cat cafes to open in NYC, welcoming all guests ages 9 and up. You can just stop by in the afternoon and enjoy a creamy cup of coffee with the company of cats. The interior design of the cafe is welcoming and home-like, providing a sense of comfort for guests as soon as they set foot in the cafe.

Located between Ludlow and Essex Streets, Meow Parlour isn’t too hard for one to spot. It has a clear glass window in the front with the big letters “M-E-O-W” displayed on it. As soon as you walk in the front door, you are greeted by friendly staff who will briefly explain the rules of the cafe, and then you are free to go in. It costs $6 per person for 30 minutes, which is not too expensive considering the time you’ll get to spend with all the cats in there. Most of the time, Meow Parlour is busy. So you are recommended to book a reservation on their website ( if you wish to go with some friends.

While you are in the cafe, you can read all the signs that teach you how to interact with cats. They help you learn what to do and what not to do while you are spending time with the cats. This, to me, was very helpful because it gave me an understanding of what the cats in Meow Parlour are like and how I could show my love towards them. There were also a whole bunch of toys to use for playing with the cats. Guests are free to
grab any toy they want.

Anna Jiang, a customer, said, “It was a fun experience since I was a cat lover and I can’t own a cat. I love the atmosphere of this place and would love to come back soon!”

A lot of visitors come to Meow Parlour because they love cats but, for some reason, aren’t able to own one. They enjoy their time with the cats there, and many of them would come back once in a while. Meow Parlour gets their pastries and beverages from Macaron Parlour, which is right next door. Guests who wish to get a treat can order straight from the front desk of Meow Parlour. Macaron Parlour offers a variety of pastries such as macarons, cakes, and cookies. Their pastries are all beautifully decorated by hand. When you order from the front desk of the cafe, your order usually comes in less than five minutes.

I ordered two cups of hot chocolate and a box of 20 macarons for myself and some friends, which cost $36. Macarons are on the pricey side almost everywhere you go because they are extremely tricky to make, and some of the ingredients can be expensive. However, macarons from Macaron Parlour are worth the money. It was probably the best macaron I’ve ever had. It was just the right amount of sweetness and crunchiness.

Cathy Xue, a customer of Macaron Parlour, said,

“I tried the brown butter filling pecan cookie, which was very nutty and buttery. It tasted delightful! I definitely would return soon to get myself another one.”

You’re probably also wondering where Meow Parlour gets their cats from. All of the cats are up for adoption at Meow Parlour. They have partnered up with KittyKind, which is a non-profit, no-kill cat rescue and adoption organization. If you happen to create a special bond with one of the cats during your visit at Meow Parlour, you can adopt the cat thru KittyKind! One of Meow Parlour’s goals is to find a forever home for the cats that are sheltered there. About 100 cats have been adopted from Meow Parlour.

If you are a cat lover who also loves to spend time sitting in a cafe, Meow Parlour is the perfect choice!

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