Hungry Hornets Swarm Milk and Honey Cafe

By Mohima Oishe ’19
Making plans to eat with friends can be complicated, especially when you’re living in one of the biggest cities in the world. It’s not easy finding a place that you can all agree on.
The youth of Brooklyn are always looking for a versatile place to satisfy their needs; a quick hangout with a friend, a date with a crush, or even a quiet place to study for a physics final. If you’re on the search for any of these things, Milk and Honey Cafe is the perfect place.

The cafe is nestled in on the corner of Newkirk Avenue and Westminster Road. Walking past my local neighborhood, it was pretty hard to miss the wall of completely clear glass that encased the inside of the cafe. It was comparable to a snow globe, except without the snow, of course. Immediately curious, I knew I had to check it out.
The inside of the cafe is a world of its own. The atmosphere is mellow and rustic, and the environment is stress-free. As you enter, you are welcomed by a wall of bright green plants, automatically making it feel like you’re at home with your mother’s plants. The greenery blends in with the brick walls in the most delightful way. Hanging warm lights definitely make you feel even more comfortable; it’s not too dim and not too bright. Music plays softly in the background as you carry on with your business. The tables are set in a spacious manner, and it wasn’t hard to walk around. Whoever was in charge of the setting definitely knew what they were doing.

Milk and Honey’s menu is perfect for brunch, with a variety of omelettes, sandwiches, salads, and healthy grain bowls. If you’re on a budget, you definitely won’t be leaving with an empty stomach because everything on their menu is less than $15.

I had the Avocado Grilled Chicken Club accompanied with fresh mixed green salad for $10, while my friend had a simple Granola & Yogurt for $7. While waiting for our food for a good five minutes, it was nice to hear the soft sizzling of the meats on the open grill and the smell of it was enjoyable. The presentation of the dishes were simple but cute.

My sandwich was cut in half and wrapped in a lavash. You could see everything that was in the wrap; all of the layers of turkey bacon, bit of chicken, melted swiss cheese,
avocado, sliced tomato, and arugula. At first, I wasn’t too sure about how the cheese and avocado would taste together, but once I took a bite, my doubts disappeared. The textures of the melted cheese and the avocado were both soft and it was hard to differentiate between the two once I started chewing. Nevertheless, this wasn’t a problem for me because I was still eager to take another bite anyway. The smoky turkey bacon added a burst of flavor. Unfortunately, the chicken was a bit dry and made it hard to chew but the melted cheese made up for it. The Avocado Grilled Chicken Club was a light, but filling, meal and is something I wouldn’t mind eating on a daily basis.

My friend’s Granola & Yogurt came in a bowl. The Greek yogurt was topped with crunchy granola, scattered raspberries, poached berries, and a mint leaf in the center for garnish. The smooth yogurt was very tart and although the honey helped a bit, I would still recommend adding more honey. The fresh, poached berries created a very soft and
juiced taste. The crunchy granola was not hard to chew and was my favorite taste out of all the ingredients. The Granola & Yogurt is something I would eat for breakfast; something light and healthy to start off the day.

For drinks, I chose a vanilla latte for $4, while my friend had a ginger peach iced tea for
$3. The latte was too bitter for my taste, and I had to add my preferred amount of sugar. Sooner or later, I made the wrong choice to have a latte after my sandwich because it did not sit well together in my stomach. Eventually, my friend and I switched drinks, and it suited our meals perfectly. The iced tea was a little watered down, but it was cool, refreshing, and settled well with the sandwich. It’s the best thing on a hot, sweltering day.

Before leaving, we made a last minute decision to buy and share the Creme Brulee French Toast for $8. The French toast was stuffed with creme brulee and enrobed in a crisp crust. Just like the Granola & Yogurt, there were poached berries and a mint leaf in the center of it all. I usually don’t like trying new sweets outside because most of the time desserts are too sweet for me. After taking the first bite, it became both of our favorites and possibly the best decision we ever made. The french toast was sweet without being overpowering. The tartness of the cherries, blueberries, and raspberries complemented the sweetness well. If it’s not eaten while it’s hot then it gets mushy. However, the serving size was enough for the both of us and you get more than what you paid for.

If you’re on the search for a quiet cafe with friendly faces, Milk and Honey Cafe just may be for you.

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